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Missionary work...Will I make it??

I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for news from the bank to say that some change has been depositied and that I can start the task of fund raising for my missionary trip. As of yet there has been nothing. *sigh* It's getting hard to be positive over something that feels like is taking forever to get excited over.
But if I am to, I will right? I just don't know why I am so :( feeling today. Maybe it's because of the weather here and I feel trapped. All is riding on my appt on wed before I can make any plans. The to top it off I am broke. Due to the holidays any extra funding that I had is gone and with the holidays gone now I have nothing to keep me busy. Nothing to take away my time. No running around to do, no what do I have to do today. Nothing but just waiti for the next day to come upon and hope something fills my time there. This stinks. Waiting and waiting and waiting.
I have to wait for the money to get in my bank so I can get that set up. Wait for Wed so I can finally have SOMETHING to do! So I can finally leave the rez for 5 minutes. Just wait.
I'd walk the girls again but I am so tired of doing that. Same ol places each and everyday. Nothing changes. Same ol walk.
Maybe because everything is the same ol same ol and I need change in my life could be causing it. I have 2 appts next week and then some friends are coming up Friday night. Saturday is cooking class. Then back to nothing again. Grr.
Then what makes it worse is that Tues when Bob and I are suppose to go see my therapist together, HIS therapist is going to be there and I can't stand his therapist! I feel uncomfortable around him, the way he speaks to you. He's just not the type of person I feel comfortable around. Wonderful. Makes me wonderi if we should do this at all now. Idk. I just don't know.
Maybe I'm just in a slump. Maybe I do need of change of something. Idk what. Just feels like the same day over and over and over again. Need something new... hmm..

Pray for me.

Mood: sad
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