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Christianity is true for you but fill in the blank is true for me


I have spoken to thousands of people face to face about Jesus and once in awhile I will hear the "true for you but not for me" excuse. The problem is that many people do not understand how truth works. Here is a short piece from my free e-book designed for evangelisim. The title is Gravity True For You But Not For Me - Evidence for Gods Existence and Identity. You can get your free copy at to read and forward to frinds and family. Most e-reader formats are supported like Kindle. Donations are also being accepted for print copies that you can hand out yourself. I am thankful to be saved and I want to bring as many people with me as I possibly can.



True for You But Not for Me

The statement, true for you but not for me has a long list of problems that tell us it is false. I bring it up because people sometimes claim, “Christianity is true for you but not for me.” People that make this statement have confused belief with truth. But belief alone does not guarantee the matter at hand is true. Truth on the other hand is not a respecter of any belief that contradicts it. Truth conforms to reality and the object being referred to. The title of this book is a contradiction on purpose to get your attention, Gravity - True For You But Not For Me. It suggests that an objective truth like gravity does not apply to a person who does not believe in it. But since this is simply not how truth works, the title of this book is self-defeating as is the claim, “The Bible is true for you but something else is true for me.” The following quote reveals an easy way to prove this to yourself:


“True for you but not for me is a self-defeating and therefore false statement. You can prove this one conclusively to yourself today, just drive 90 in a 55 and when the cop stops you for speeding, just say, “That’s true for you but not for me.” and speed off. Since it’s not true for you he can’t give you a ticket, right?”Dr. Frank Turek, author and speaker.


True for you but not for me is also claiming every-thing is true as long as someone believes it. If that’s the case we should have all gotten perfect grades in school. Every answer I gave was true for me.


It can be argued that true for you but not for me is even false when it comes to flavors of ice cream or the temperature in a room, because truth applies to its object. For example - you like vanilla, I like chocolate and we are in the same room and you feel cold and I feel warm. Referring to you as the object of the statement, it’s true for everyone everywhere that you like vanilla and feel cold. Referring to me as the object of the statement, it’s true for everyone everywhere that I like chocolate and feel warm. Here is a verse from a rap song that adds more clarity to the contradictory nature of our topic.


If what's true for you is true for you and what's true for me is true for me, what if my truth says yours is a lie? Is it still true?” Lecrae, Rebel Album.


In opposition to how things really work, the true for you but not for me argument comes from a flawed understanding of how truth works and leads to the faulty conclusion, “What I believe about God is true just because I believe it.” Ironically it’s a way people play god, by imagining God doesn’t exist or creating a god who works for them.

In my opinion, true for you but not for me is really an attempt to escape the truth by denying or ignoring it. While it may work for a while, in the end the truth we have been avoiding must still be dealt with and usually the longer we wait the higher the cost. Just ask any alcoholic, drug addict or over spender how well denial worked for them after reality hits. Truth always surfaces and the truth about God is no exception. It’s always better to face truth early, accept it and deal with it.


“It is utterly wrongheaded to say that something is true for you but not for me. For example, what if I think fascism is true and you think liberal democracy is equally true? Should the fascist’s repression be tolerated by the believer in liberal democracy? If not, on what grounds? Why not permit Stalinism or Satanism or Nazism? Without criteria to determine truth, this relativism fails miserably.” Allister McGrath Professor of Theology Kings College, taken from Paul

Copan’s book, “True For You, But Not For Me”.


Conclusion – True for you but not for me is self –defeating and false. If the Bible is really true, it is true for everyone, if they believe it or not.


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