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Another War Cry For The Faithful

War on Drugs; War on Values; War on Terror: pick your war, the mere mention of the word is charged with a compelling and galvanizing magic. Indeed, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." Now that the climax of the festive season is behind us, we can turn some attention to an alarm that has again been sounded from an ethos obsessed with war: See the full article here.

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Frannie | Mon Dec 26, 2011, 18:12

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 I am Very Thankful for my rights to express the faith of my own.  But soon in this country, that might all change. Maybe not in my life time,nor yours but the God I know clearly wants all of us to come to worship Him alone and He will have His own way. It is told over and over again in History and In His word.

My eyes are fixed on the hope of eternity, and nothing nor no one can move me away from that truth. I have seen the living God in this life, through others, through His creation and through the stories.

There are many wars in this time of 2011, but we are not to be so part if we are at all we are to conquer our war within, to keep the enemy away from our soul. I argue not about anything the world is doing against Christians nor other religious acts of wrong, cause I know who rules and who is King of all wars. My point is to shed some love on not that we as humans dont get thier way in fights, but that who is over all will win anyhow.  

Yes the fight will continue regardless of who stands and waves the flag. As the war continues and grows increasingly stronger, I believe the hearts of those who continues on the Race to win a crown of glory will increase with greater Love. Hearts are turning to our King as evil increases. So reading your blog, just reminds me how greater He is than he who is in the world. My desire for you is to focus on the blessed that we all will see Him in His glory, wether we are dead or alive, as long as we live in Him we will be with Him....

I promise you. If you know Him, OUr KING, you will make more meaningful of your time on earth.

By the way, I skipped doing the Christmas attitude for the holidays. I acted as usuall, in the everday living walking beside my creator as I do daily throughout the year.  I was more peaceful than I had ever been than years before....For me, Its Christmas everyday of the year in that I celebrate Christ in my mass daily....

Thats freedom for me...Hope you had a good day!


Eysalve | Wed Dec 28, 2011, 16:12

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Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Francine.

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