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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:45 PM   [22 Dec 2011 | Thursday]


The holidays that we celebrate in this country are pretty easy to figure out what we are observing just by the name of the day. Thanksgiving, Independence Day, Memorial Day are just a few, but now we are about to celebrate Christmas !!! But, we cannot call it Christmas anymore because of the efforts of certain groups that claim a separation of church and state. It began by changing the name to Xmas, whatever that is, but continued to advance until we now call it just the “Holidays”. It has gotten so bad that there are towns that do not allow the fire department to have one of their members to dress like Santa Claus and visit the schools in that town, again because of separation of church and state.

This country was built on Christian philosophy and we are “ one nation under God..”, but do not be surprised when that statement is removed from our Constitution. Soon, our currency will be without the words “ In God We Trust” and all other references to God will or already have been removed from buildings and monuments and everything else that we use.

So, the question is then, what are we celebrating during this time of year ??? But, the bigger question is where were the Christians when these changes were instituted ??? Without a doubt, none of these things would have been removed if the Christian community had gotten up and stood up and prevented it. But, that did not happen !!! We sat there and allowed Satan to influence the people that had the power to eliminate the real significance of Christmas to do exactly that. The technology of today makes it real easy to just e-mail your representative in Congress and voice your opinion, and if every Christian were to do that, then none of this nonsense would have happened.

We have seen how Satan has effected this site and when we did something about it, we won. But, now no one seems to be doing anything and the site has returned to the real Administrator, Satan… This battle must be continuous but, unfortunately, most do not understand that concept. We had taken back our site a few times, so we know that we can beat Satan. Where were you when he took away Christmas ???

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Eysalve | Sat Dec 24, 2011, 22:12

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What exactly do we mean when we say America is "a Christian country"? Are we referring to the fact that ever since the Europeans snatched the land from its natives the religion of the majority happens to have been Christianity in its many and varied forms? Are we referring to the cultural impact of that fact on the nation's sensibilities? Or are we assigning to Christianity the status of a state religion? In the first two cases the claim is a perfectly valid demographic assessment which hopefully will remain true indefinitely.

But the third meaning is not only obviously inaccurate and counter to the very premise on which America was founded, it is downright scary. History has shown what happens when religion and religious dogma are put in political control. Typically religion is legislated, and freedom of conscience is replaced with repression and tyranny. One of the reasons the Pilgrims came here was to unfetter themselves from the authoritarian chokehold of the Brittish state church which did not deal kindly with dissent. Hence at the very foundation of the US constitution is the separation of church and state, in which believers of whatever persuasion are free to worship and live their faith without fear of goverment interference.

Yes Christianity may be the majority religion here. But it must exist alongside all the other religions and theologies that are embraced within its shores. As the nation develops, that plurality has to be acknowledged. The fact that the world of commerce decides it is more profitable to shed the specific name and generalize the festive season does not prohibit those who want to say Merry Christmas or display nativity scenes etc. from doing so. Nor should the church have expected the government to intervene back in the '60s to outlaw the call for Blacks to abandon Christmas for Kwanzaa, a celebration invented expressly for that purpose.

Sure, there may well be in some quarters a war on Christmas. But as Christians it is not our business to clamor for the imposition of our tenets on the wider society. Christian tenets are for Christians, to embrace and practice.  For that matter, even among Christian believers there are many who find the notion of Christmas as a Christian festival offensive. Rather, we should be thankful for a country that facilitates a plurality in which each can celebrate his or her faith as his or her conscience dictates. In America's secular democracy, those who choose to embrace the holiday with all its religious meaning are free to do so. Likewise, those who choose not to ought to be allowed the same freedom. The Kingdom of Heaven is expanded, not by imposition but by invitation. Otherwise we will be heading for a return to the Dark Ages of the Inquisition.

Eysalve | Sat Dec 24, 2011, 22:12

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And by the way, Merry Christmas to All!

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