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  Religion & Philosophy

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MorningStarPoet (2)


12:19 PM   [12 Dec 2011 | Monday]

Blog 39: The Story


            This is a story about a boy. A boy who grew up before his time, & made it out with a few threads left of what could be called a life. I should start by saying he’s now 16, almost 17. In his lifetime, he’s almost died 17 times; which to him isn’t much because he sees that we all come close to dying every day, but he knows not like his experiences. He’s had one near –death experience, when he was five, & that is where all of his story started.
            When he died over a decade ago, his soul went right down to  Hell, but something saved it from staying there. Over a decade later he found out what it was. Over that decade, he’s was raped by one his late grandpa’s, all of whom are now dead, & told no one till this year, & only to those he would trust his life with. He went through years of drug addiction & problems caused by it. His first girlfriends was raped going through some woods to meet him; he knew the reputation of the woods from the people he hung out with, & did nothing to stop her. He blames himself.
His second girlfriend was beat by her alchoholic father, becuase he knew about his secret life, & he struck a deal with him: break up with her & make her hate him, & the father would stop beating her. To this day she has never spoken to him & know’s nothing of the deal. He saw his closest friend die in a methlab explosion in a trailer park. His friends was there to help him deal with some guys who wouldn’t leave him alone any other way, he also blames himself for this.
He tried, & failed a suicide attempt on his life when he was fourteen. After he failed he got a number of a girl while getting another girl’s number for his friend. He started txting this girl & she became something good in his life, a symbol. She showed him that there was good in life, that there was beauty. Though she never talked to him about it, he started thinking that maybe there was a GOD, & that maybe he wasn’t as mean as he had seemed to him through his life.
He started looking into it when he was fifteen, & became a Christian this Febuary (2011), & has grown more in GOD than anything in his entire lifetime. He has plans of becoming a Youth pastor, & can keep up a spritual discussion with almost anyone. He has told 6 people himself, had at least one other person told (maybe 3 or 4 others, depending on how the one of the people  he told felt towards the four others), & now is having it told to you. Some may ask how do I know all this, and that is a good question.
My answer… I’m the boy who changed. The boy who lived a life more difficult than most, the boy who knows that everyone else from his past that was there too is dead, I’m the boy… who found GOD.
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MorningStarPoet | Fri Dec 16, 2011, 20:12

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I am very happy for you! God bless and watch over your soul!!!

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