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New to an environment like this

I am new to blogging. I figured I would try to blog to put my thoughts down. This may help me on my ongoing stress I always have. I recently have quit smoking. I quit because my girlfriend found out and threatened to break up with me because I was lying to her about it. I have been struggling not to smoke since I been back to college this year, this summer I did not have a hard time quitting, but lately, I have been struggling not to go to a gas station and buy a pack of cigarettes. I am so swamp this semester of school because I have seem to lost my motivation to do well in college, after the death of my grandmother. The stress I have been dealing with has been disrupting my sleep and my faith. I go to a private Christian college. I am around Jesus freaks everyday and night. Last year, when I started my college experience,  I had a experience with the Holy Sprit that I cant even to began to explain, but lately, I don’t feel it any more. Im struggling with my faith and school. However, I have friends that are helping me and maybe you can to if you want.

Mood: disappointed
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yalanda | Tue Jan 10, 2012, 12:01

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I hope you have been able to succeed in quitting smoking. I never have so I can't relate, but I can relate to doing something that someone else wanted me to, and I wasn't very motivated to do it, so deep down, I hope you stopped smoking because you wanted to.

If you really want to quit smoking, try keeping in perspective how small an actual cigarette is and how big you are in comparison.  Do you really want to risk your life, relationship and/or your health over something so small? 

I think at times we have all messed up a good thing in our lives over something that turned out to be so small and petty. Just remember that you are bigger than the cigarette, so don't let it interfere with bigger, more excellent things in your life.

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