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Isaiah 63

A Review of Isaiah 63

by Keith E Gardner
Always using the King James Bible


Isaiah 63:1-2

“Who is this that cometh from Edom, with dyed garments from Bozrah?” This is clearly the LORD and all His garments will be covered with the blood of the lost.  We know Bozrah was the chief city of Edom and Edom was founded by Esau; a man hated by the LORD: Malachi 1:2-4.  Just as Esau was hated by God he is used here to represent all those of the world who are not elect of God.  If you read Malachi 1:4 you can see the attitude of the lost is one of we will; they give no regard to the LORD.  If you continue to read the second clause of the verse you will see the sentiments of the LORD regarding their attitude of self-sufficiency.  This is the problem with all of mankind.  We are bursting with pride and dignity beyond dignity which leads to the attitude of self-sufficiency and that is the attitude the LORD can not stand; for the LORD is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent all things are in His hands: Isaiah 47:8-11.

In verse 2 we read “Wherefore art thou red in thine apparel, and thy garments like Him that treadeth in the winefat”.  The LORD speaks of His red garments because they are red with the blood of those who, like Esau, are not saved.  These are all those who are not elect of God as they will never be called and chosen.  Hence you have the constitution of the world: saved and lost; any other differences amongst mankind are eternally irrelevant.

Isaiah 63:3-4

In verses 3 and 4 we know the LORD is speaking as only God Himself could as He says “I have trodden the winepress alone”.  Through all of verse 3 the LORD is speaking of His anger toward mankind: elect and lost.  However, when we read more of the Bible we see more clearly how the anger of the LORD will manifest itself; in the lives of the elect, Isaiah 54:7-8, and in the lives of the lost, Isaiah 1:28-31.

In verse 4 we see the duality of the LORD.  Just as He died on the cross as the savior He is coming once more; this time with vengeance in His heart.  To all His chosen He will be the redeemer while to those lost He will be the avenger.  “For the day of vengeance is in mine heart, and the year of my redeemer is come”.  This verse reads as if the LORD is coming to redeem Himself but, I believe this is our Lord GOD as He views His called and chosen as Himself, in a sense, as He is coming to redeem us.

Isaiah 63:5

As you read this verse you should recognize the cause of the great anger the LORD has toward all mankind.  “And I looked, and there was none to help” is the LORD stating all men throughout all time have been and are lost.  The LORD continues with “and I wondered that there was none to uphold”.  This is our Lord GOD reiterating the sentiments of Romans 3:10.  Consequent to the state of mankind throughout all time the LORD was forced to suffer payment for the sins of every man, both before the foundation of the world and once more at the cross: it must be understood like this.

The LORD saved all the souls He would save before the foundation of the world: Ephesians 1:4-5.  These are all those who are, were and are to be called and chosen.  At the cross the LORD then saved the bodies of all mankind: 1 John 2:1-2.  Proof of this is the rising of some who were dead, but called and chosen of God, at the cross: Matthew 27:51-53.  The LORD is showing us in Matthew 27:51-53 a major part of what was done at the cross with the rising of some saints.  Their souls were already saved therefore they are saints and at the death of the Christ their bodies rose.  No mans’ body was saved before the cross.  Although the LORD took Enoch, Moses and Elijah in soul and body before the cross this was done in the might of the LORD knowing what was to come.  That is why Satan’s accusation against the LORD for this was ignored: Jude 1:9.  Then at the cross Satan was thrown out of heaven, Luke 10:18, which signified the Christ knowing that He would take dominion over all mankind.  Therefore we should see that it was consequent to the cross that the LORD saved our bodies.  We must realize that because the LORD saved His elect before the foundation of the world once called and chosen our souls are at war with our bodies.  Much of what we think, we know, we should not and most certainly we know we must not carry out these thoughts.  For our souls are saved before the foundation of the world and our bodies at the cross.  Just as the cross marked the end of His stay on earth so will the end of time for those called and chosen of God.  And just as the saints rose after the death of the Christ, so will the bodies of the called and chosen be raised in the end.  The rising of some saints was only a picture of what is to be.  In the case of the unsaved there is no disagreement between the soul and body.  Since their soul and body are in total agreement, they will pursue the desires of this world in one accord.  Therefore at death when the body of one saved dies our Lord GOD will accept that soul into His holy heaven.  At the end of time the LORD will raise that body, which He saved at the cross, to house the soul that is presently with Him.  In the case of the lost the LORD saved the body at the cross but, because He did not save that soul before the foundation of the world that body will die; and the soul, speaking eternally, is already dead.  A man is soul and body and neither can exist without the other.  Since Adam and Eve’s sin in the Garden of Eden every man’s body ages and dies therefore, the LORD must keep the soul or it too will die.  If a man is saved the LORD keeps the soul until resurrection, if a man is not saved the LORD will not accept his unclean soul and that man will die both in soul and body the instant his body dies.

Isaiah 63:6

In verse 6 we see the fury of the LORD is manifesting.  “And I will tread down the people in mine anger” is the will of the LORD toward all who do not heed His law.  The people mentioned here are both the elect and the lost of this world.  The LORD will make His elect drink of His fury along with the lost.  However, once He saves us we will drink no more: Isaiah 51:17-23.  The LORD continues with “and I will bring down their strength to the earth”.  This is our Lord GOD as He declares death in soul and body unto all those He has not saved.  We know this is the proper interpretation because the LORD is the only true and enduring strength, Revelation 12:10, therefore their strength in this verse represents the beliefs of the lost and the LORD will bring their strength down to the earth in the destruction of them all: Revelation 17:12-14.  There has always been confusion regarding the meaning of Revelation 17:12, but it can be explained this way: in the first clause of Revelation 17:12 we see the ten kings have received no kingdom as yet.  The number ten and multiples thereof always represent completeness, therefore these kings are all the lost.  They are those who are, have been and will be doing as they desire with their lives; henceforth the nomenclature kings.  In the second clause we see they, when they are born, will receive power with the beast one hour which means a short while; their lifetimes represent that short while.  We must realize power here is not necessarily wealth, fame or fortune.  Although the LORD will grant some of them these things the true meaning of power here is the right to believe and live, whether right or wrong, as they will.

Isaiah 63:7-9

In verse 7 the LORD tells us of His loving kindness toward Israel; in this instance Israel is a representation of the entire world.  All mankind is lost from birth, Psalm 58:3; but because we are all the creations of a perfect God, Mark 10:6, we all enjoy His nearly boundless mercies.

In verse 8 we read of the desired view of the LORD as He says “Surely they are my people, children that will not lie”.  So we read in verse 9 of His care for them and if we read the Bible we can clearly see examples of blessing, punishment and then His blessing.  The cycle of blessing, punishment and blessing is repeated constantly in the Bible as you see with the very birth of Israel and their forty years in the wilderness.  In spite of constant audio and visual signs the LORD found them plagued with unbelief.  This is to say Israel, or mankind, has been rebellious and stiff-necked even from Adam and Eve.

Isaiah 63:10-14

In verse 10 we see Israel has once again forced the hand of the LORD as the LORD says “…He was turned to be their enemy, and He fought against them”.  However verses 11-14 speak of Israel as they would humble themselves before the LORD and cry unto Him for mercy.  In His great goodness the LORD does remember those days of old, Jeremiah 2:2, and that is all that sustains us.  For today it is evident, as it has been growing more so throughout all time, the LORD is preparing the world for the end.  Pay close attention to the conditions under which we all live; GMO’s in our foods and poison in the air causing a rise in atmospheric temperatures which in turn is causing the melting of the polar icecaps further enhancing the temperature rise; we even have the shrinking of the consumable water supply and these represent just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  These bad conditions are growing worse with every year and in time it will reach the point of noticeably worsening every week: then the end will come.

Isaiah 63:15-16

Although this is Isaiah speaking in verse 15 he speaks for all the called and chosen of God.  He speaks as all holy men of old spoke; that is as God the Holy Spirit moved them: 2 Peter 1:21. 

In verse 16 we see the plight of all the called and chosen of the LORD.  None of the called and chosen of God knows the God given status of another therefore, “Abraham be ignorant of us”.  Also because we will not run with the world Israel, the lost of this world, “acknowledge us not” however we who are the called and chosen of God acknowledge, praise, honor and obey the will of our all mighty redeemer.

Isaiah 63:17

In verse 17 we see the LORD speaking through Isaiah as He tells us that He is in control of all things.  He lets us know that He allows us to err from His ways and it is His doing that a man’s heart will grow hard toward the LORD: Exodus 7:3-5.  “Return for thy servants’ sake, the tribes of thine inheritance.”  The tribes of the LORD are all His called and chosen.  We are those whom He will save.

Isaiah 63:18

The possession of “the people of thy holiness” is the true knowledge of God the Father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit: the three who are one.  The sanctuary of the LORD was the church, but it has been over run by Satan: Revelation 2:12-13.

Isaiah 63:19

Verse 19 opens with “We are thine” which is clearly the voice of the chosen of the LORD.  The verse continues with “thou never barest rule over them; they were not called by thy name”.  These are without any doubt the lost: Matthew 7: 22-23.

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