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Age: 77 Years

Country: United States

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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:57 PM   [29 Nov 2011 | Tuesday]


The human mind is probably not capable of comprehending the immense impact that Jesus and His death has had on humanity. We think of His death as the punishment that He assumed for our sins, but there is an incredible amount of other benefits which we derive from His actions… But, let us go back to the beginning and reduce this whole thing to the most simple terms.

God creates man and gives him paradise but with one very simple condition. And, of course, man disobeys and loses paradise. So, God gives man a second chance and gives him a few laws and commandments. And, if we look at the laws, we see that they were all in the best interests of man. He also knows that man will sin and gives certain appropriate punishments for the degree of the sin. It is all very fair, but man has trouble once more and changes the laws of God to make it easier for man to sin without punishment. God warns man endless times about doing certain things, but, as usual, man thinks that he knows better and disobeys. No matter how many time things turned out badly when man disobeyed God, man continue to do it his way and this is still happening to this day !!!

Finally, God gives man the most incredible gift that could possibly be offered to anyone for anything and that is a free ride to heaven… He tells man that He will assume the punishment for the sins of man but with a few very easy conditions… So, He comes to earth as a man and lives among us to show that He knows and understands the plight of man, and then begins the process of being punished for nothing that He had done.

Now, this physical punishment was just not being crucified, but included being beaten and whipped.  An interesting thing about the Roman scourging was that it was done using a whip in which bits of glass and metal were imbedded into the whip to increase the severity of the punishment. Then, He is crucified !!!

What happens next is beyond our comprehension. This action changed everything in the world, but unfortunately, man remained the same and few ever took and even now take advantage of the results of this amazing act of love. Just consider the fact that man can now go directly to God and speak to Him on a one on one basis. Consider the fact that all of the laws and rituals and punishments have been eliminated. And, there are a thousand other benefits that this action created for man as long as we do just a few simple things…

God gives us the Bible that explains everything to us and what do we do but do as the Jews did and begin to alter the words in order to make it more convenient for us… But, most importantly, most people think that the suffering that Jesus took upon Himself for our sins is over, but it is not… Jesus is still paying the price for our sins !!!

Most people have this ridiculous notion that we can do whatever we want and if it is wrong that there is no punishment. Well, think again because sin is always punished, but not to us but to Jesus. We lie, we steal and we kill and we think that God is watching this and eating bon-bons ??? Every abortion that we allow is like driving another nail into His hands or another stripe on His back. Jesus is still accepting our punishment for our sins and yet we hardly ever even think about Him from day to day. There are very few that have given a drink to a little one and there are few that will understand that statement because they have never even read the Bible… Satan is very happy with the people of today and especially the success that he has had with those who claim to be a Christian. Considering the burden that He has lifted from us, the least we can do is try to ease His suffering by trying just a little harder to be a better Christian and not just claim to be one !!!

Do something nice for someone that you do not even know every day and see how it makes you feel ….

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