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Writing Creatively And God

 Hello to any and everyone that does or may read this blog.

I am hoping that I will recive other Christian imput here to some things I seem to battle with daily. I have asked these questions before and I have gotten some very good responds.But i would like to hear if anyone else feels or has struggled with these problems inside and what they may have done.

For the first time in my life I can say with confidence that I am a writer. I feel werid saying that but I am. I have begun to see that God has given me this gift. However, there is a struggle within my sprit that tells me I will not succeed and that Godd will "take my children" from me if I attempt to move forward in this. I have also been told that I will never be great because God is'nt pleased with me doing this. It may seem childish to people out there, but for me, I take it very seriously. I do not want to do anything that would make my father angry with me or to make him take away my children, and at the same time I hold a deep desire to write. I however am not sure that everything I write Honorss God. Though maybe I am  looking at this wrong. I do not want to e selfish I want to do the write thing. Im simply struggling with what the right thing would be in this. I just do not want to go aagaainst God, and I am not sure if creative writing would honor him. or if the story is not about him woud that be a dishonor. I am very confused and have battled thi for my years. It is hindering me from moving ahead and hopefully, one day, being publihed. any and all advise and wisdom from anyone who cares enough to give it would be wonderful. thank you if you took time to read this.

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