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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:58 PM   [12 Nov 2011 | Saturday]


It is a huge and unfortunate error for anyone to underestimate the power of Satan and the impact that he and his workers have on civilization. We must understand that it is probable that every person that ever lived has been influenced by Satan during their lives. Even though Satan has less interest in non believers then he does in Christians, the non believer, although not a child of God, is still a creation of God and therefore subject to attack. A Christian is almost guaranteed to be attacked and the events will never be in the best interests of that person. The reason for these attacks is to create doubt in the mind of the individual. He wants to have a person doubt everything about God; is there a God, why does He allow these attacks, why is there sickness and all sorts of negative questions about God. He also interferes with our lives in order to take time away from our thoughts and actions towards the Lord. There are many reasons but, none of which are in our interests. Often times, he will give us something that appears to be a good thing for us but, in the end, we will get hurt. This is one of his methods !!!

Satan understands mankind because he was instrumental in forming the personality of man. Now, he places his interests on individuals and gets to know the weaknesses within that person. He uses those weaknesses to get at us and he has many ways of discovering our limitations. He generally does not make a frontal advance on us but, moves on us from different angles and blind spots of which we are not aware. It was somewhat surprising that he attacked this site in such an obvious manner because Satan is extremely subtle… We have fought him off a few times but, it would not be unusual for him to do nothing for a while in order to make us believe that he was not involved… This is another one of his methods.

The various methods that Satan uses to influence individuals are, in many cases, so subtle that they become almost unbelievable, which is his hope. We see from within the Bible that he generally waits until a person is at a weak point in his life. Weak, both physically and mentally, and then he begins his advance. He waited forty days for Jesus to become weak before he began his attack on our Lord, and it is the same with us. He observes our actions and takes notice of our weaknesses and the things that set us off and also listens to our desires and hopes. Satan cannot read our minds, but he can put thoughts into our minds.

One of the ways that Satan discovers our concerns is through our prayers… This may sound shocking, but it was not without reason that Jesus told us to go to a very quiet place and speak with him in our minds. If we pray out loud, Satan is listening to our inner most concerns and uses that information for his advances upon us. So, when we go to the Lord with our concerns, we should do so in the Spirit because that information is between the individual and the Lord. We may ask for something that is not in our best interest and God does not give it to us, but Satan will and we think it was from God. And, when it turns out badly, we then begin to doubt….

 A Christian is of particular interest to Satan. He will do everything to make us look like poor witnesses for our Lord by observing and finding our weak spots and using that information against us. It is a mistake to underestimate the extent to which Satan will go to influence us to appear to be poor examples of Christian behavior to the rest of the world. He will use many things that would never occur to us to be satanic activity. He will use our friends, family and even our children to irritate our lives.

We have all experienced times when things seem to be going right for us and we are enjoying a sense of happiness. And then, as we tell our friends about our experience, that friend says or does something to diminish our happiness and bring us down. It is not the friend that becomes our enemy at that point, that friend was being used by Satan, without their knowledge, to get to us… This is only one way that we are attacked, but the other ways are endless and once we understand that it is Satan doing this, we stop getting upset and angry at our friends or whoever has brought us down.

In the next part of this discussion, we will examine other satanic methods in order to gain further understanding of his never ending attacks and also what we can do about it to resist him…

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