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4:43 AM   [11 Nov 2011 | Friday]


Preface: It will interesting to observe what if anything happens on this site after this blog is posted…


The question most asked and least understood is why God allows His children to be attacked by Satan to which we do not know the answer. But, it is extremely important that we never forget or even question the fact that all things are in the best interests of the children of God. The fact is that Satan cannot hurt us because we are protected by the Lord, however Satan can certainly make our lives miserable if we allow him to. We find in the Bible some examples of when God allowed Satan to bother certain individuals but, there was always a good reason and that person was always rewarded for his troubles. In most cases, it was done to teach a lesson but, it also gave us insight into the methods of satanic activities from which we can begin to understand our enemy.

In any battle, the army that understood the opponent best was usually the winner and this is why we are irritated so much by Satan. He knows us very well and understands our weaknesses and uses that information to get at us. We, on the other hand, spend little or no time trying to understand Satan and his methods and so we are at a disadvantage. The information that we can gather from the Bible concerning Satan is more than enough for us to resist him and if we continue to resist him, he will flee. We are not going to use biblical quotes in this discussion, each of us should have read or should now read the Bible and gather this information for him or herself. However, there is one verse that Paul writes that is extremely frightening:

2 Corinthians 11:14 “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.”

The reality is that Satan has already been defeated but, that does not mean that he will stop attacking the children of God. We are really not his enemy; God is his enemy and we are more like collateral damage. But Satan cannot get at God and so he attacks His children. It is also important to note that satanic activities will increase as the time of the end approaches, and we may very well be witnesses to that event. Satan is generally not very open with his attacks but recently, these assaults have been more obvious, as with our site for example.

Our discussion of satanic activity will focus on the individual rather than on mankind. So, we begin by trying to discover as much as we can about our enemy through Bible reading. All the information that anyone needs about anything is discussed in the Bible, and the fact is that we know very little about Satan but we know enough to protect ourselves… An indication of the intensity of satanic activities towards Christians was described by Jesus in His parable of the Sower of Seeds when Jesus tells us that after hearing the Word, Satan comes immediately to attempt to take the Word away.

Satan is a spirit and so are his followers but, we know that these evil beings can invade the body of man and take over the life of those individuals. We really know little about Satan other then what is given to us from within the Bible. There are many stories and notions concerning these evil spirits but, the only reliable information comes from the Bible….Spending time trying to discover how it all began is really not essential information and we will not discuss things about which we are not certain. But, we will discuss the methods of Satan and his followers and how they use the weaknesses in man to affect our lives.

Satan knows mankind very well and was instrumental in developing the nature of man when he first influenced Eve. From that point on, man has continually been disobedient to the wishes of God as a result of satanic activities. We are not saying that man is evil, although man seems prone to doing evil things, but man is easily inclined to servicing his own desires and Satan knows this. Man is concerned more with money, power and carnal enjoyment then he is with being obedient to the wishes of God. However, man has help with these aspects, Satan !!!

Before we go into the particular methods of Satan to attack an individual, we should examine the results of the success that Satan has enjoyed affecting the world. We must remember that everything that happens is as a result of the activities of man. All we need to do is look at what we have produced in this world and it is easy to see the satanic influences that have brought us to this point at which we now stand. We have corrupted the resources given to us by God, we have created a society of governments that are led by people that have no interests in the citizen but are only concerned with their own agendas. Satan hates God and everything God has done and he will use man to destroy all of it. Unfortunately, we do not realize the influences that Satan has upon us and he has been very successful.

In the next part, we will discuss how Satan uses individuals to get his work done and how he interferes with the lives of an individual. Knowledge of the methods of Satan will give us all a chance to fight back and resist him and find our lives improving the more that we resist his attacks…

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