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Gender: Male
Age: 77 Years

Country: United States

Signup Date: 03/03/2009

  Religion & Philosophy

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12:50 PM   [08 Nov 2011 | Tuesday]


Recently, this site has been attacked by Satan much more openly than usual. Although we have been able to overcome these attacks by a unified effort of the members, the attacks will not stop… Any problem that we encounter in life can be corrected by understanding exactly what the problem is and addressing the solution on an intellectual level. Let us take for example, bodily pain. We all have pain at some time or other, so we generally take some pain medication and the pain goes away. The problem is that we have not solved the problem. Pain is our body telling us that something is wrong. When we mask the pain with medication, we never find the cause of the pain and it usually returns. In fact, we can even increase our problem by taking pain medication because we do not realize that we are increasing our problem by whatever we are doing that caused it in the first place. Without understanding, we can never solve our problems. We can deny them or push them aside for a time, but until we discover the cause, we cannot solve the issue.

Understanding Satan is an issue that is seldom discussed and as a result, people suffer needlessly because they do not know the cause of their problem. Many totally misunderstand just exactly how powerful and influential Satan is in our lives, and disregard many of the signs of satanic attacks. Satan is our enemy !!! The family down the street that leaves garbage in their front yard or the arrogant salesperson is not our enemy, but they are being used by Satan to irritate us… Christians are going to be attacked by Satan. And Christian institutions are going to be attacked by Satan. Satan hates God and he hates anyone or anything that belongs to God.

Many believe that Satan is not a significant factor in the life of a Christian and they are completely wrong. Let us examine the very first human event and we will see just how significant Satan is to the children of God. The very first human event is Satan influencing man, in this case Eve, to become disobedient to God. And, he succeeds !!! And, it has continued ever since that first encounter. In fact, Satan was so successful that God destroyed almost the entire world and started again because the world had become so evil. The new world turned out to be pretty much the same as the first one because of satanic influences once again. The Old Testament does not specifically mention Satan as the cause of the evil, but the New Testament discusses Satan much more and how Satan affects the world as well as individuals.

Some would suggest that we are blaming Satan for all that is wrong and evil in the world, and the answer is yes, he is !!! The reason that we know this is because when Satan is taken out of this world, all sickness, all sadness, all evil and everything else that is wrong will be gone…

So, now it is time to try and understand our problem so that we can overcome and resist Satan and he will flee from us for a little while. An interesting aspect of satanic activities is that he pays little attention to non believers and as a result, these poor people feel that they are being protected by God and are alright and it is not necessary to make any commitment as a Christian. In fact,  Satan will sometimes reward non believers and give them wealth and all sorts of worldly benefits just to keep them convinced that they are in good standing with the Lord. This is one of the methods Satan uses and again he is very successful. But, as children of God, we are constantly attacked, which begs the question as to why God allows this to happen. The only way that we will know the answer to that question is to ask the Lord when we see Him… So, now we know who our enemy is but we do not know how to fight him because we do not understand his methods of operation. But, the Bible gives us the answers.

We will be discussing the methods of Satan and how to overcome his attempts to influence us in future blogs… But, remember that we have already overcome his advances on this site which should give us all great hope that through understanding and the help of the Lord, our lives will become less stressful and we may find contentment !!!

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