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Subterfuge!: Attacks on Your Woman & Marraige

" Subterfuge ....." is a very extreme rendition about the challenges of our marraige.  On January 2, 2011 my  wife abandoned me and our home.  For six months afterward, I held on to our home, praying that she'd come to her senses in time enough.  However, during that 6th month she insisted that the only thing she needed from me was to sign divorce papers she handed to me months earlier.

In retrospect, shortly after my wife left me,  I released the first rendition of "Your Woman & You" as an audio download, doing another version of that through an article series  on the net [of which this forum was one audience.  Now, again is].  I later withdrew the audio and the articles sensing, somehow, that my wife was finally coming around to realize what impact there'd be if she persisted in that state with regard to our marraige. She said she didn't appreciate my publicizing what was going on in our relationship, in addition.

However, by October 2011 all indications were that it was all a fluke.  During our last dinner in that month she was very cold, unforgiving, unloving, unmerciful, ungrateful, conceited, selfish, and delusionary.  She was many times worse than at any other time since our circumstantial separation she initiated in January.  Although we're still married, she expressly didn't see us as a couple or with any future as one.  This didn't sound like the woman I knew.  In fact, she's not.  I can no longer stay silent.

So I've authorized the re-release of "Your Woman & You" and " Subterfuge" in hopes that you'll benefit enormously through my experiences and take whatever prayerful measures necessary to protect your woman against this sort of spiritual extremism.  Scripturally, this flaunting which conveys all the constituents of self-centeredness and pride, is an abomination in that this is open rebellion, knowingly defying God's commands relative to the sanctity and permanancy of marraige, for better or for worse.

Today, as 2011 is about to draw to a close, my wife has been more adamant than ever about getting a divorce, especially, now that she knows that I'm not going to just let our marraige die.

I filed a "Response" which is a legal document in response to reasons a spouse (Petitioner)seeks getting out of the marraige. My response to her charge that our marraige is "irretrievably broken" is that with God, there's nothing "irretrievable."

My wife is extremely incensed over my refusal to just let our marraige die.  In addition, I  called her pastor (who dresses like Santa around Christmas, inviting people to sit on his lap, even married Christian women.  My wife was one of them in spite of my objections.  In the photograph my wife is freely snuggling into his lap and he's grinning lustfully into the camera).

Anyway, as I was saying:   I  called her pastor (same guy) to arrange through him a meeting between she and I for at least making a good attempt at reconciliation.  He never got back to me on that.  Instead, my wife text messages to me these words:

" Don't contact me again."[End]

My response has been to re-issue both audios about this.   Please, take these offerings as reminders of the fact that your woman is under constant spiritual attack,  and she can be subverted, as well.   Please, listen and learn.  Is the hedge of protection for your woman intact as we approach this holiday season?  Is it intact?

The audio downloads: "Your Woman & You," and "Subterfuge" are free of charge. Samples are audible in only seconds from hence.  This is your link:


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