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Locks only keep honest people out


Locks only keep honest people out.
Why do we obey God? Is it because we are told to? Do we feel obligated to do so in respect to His laws and commandments? Are we accepting Christ and living as he instructed in order to collect the gift of salvation?
Thinking back to when I was ten, if anyone had asked me why I accepted Christ as my Savior I would have stated, “Because I want to go to Heaven!” Don’t get me wrong, not wanting to face eternal damnation and to spend forever and ever worshiping in Heaven is a good enough reason as any. However, as we grow in Christ and start to walk the path God makes for us we should take a deeper look into what Christ wants from us and the reason why we should follow Him.
If we were without the law of man and more importantly the law of God how much would your lifestyle change? Would you abuse drugs that were once illegal; harm someone who has angered you or steal from a friend? Without laws what could keep us from doing as we wish with ourselves and others? Picking up a newspaper or turning on a T.V. will show us that even with the many laws we have in place it doesn’t stop people from committing crimes and harming one another. So what does?
Shortly after buying a brand new bike with my hard earned money I went off in search of the biggest cable lock to chain to my bike. After griping to my dad about not finding a cable that looked thick enough he said son, “Locks only keep honest people out.” (Jewish proverb)
That proverb says everything in a nutshell. Even if we had the “legal freedom” to do drugs or steal and harm others one would continue to refrain from such actions if they have respect and love for themselves as well as their fellow man. If someone had a complete lack of care for my feelings and wanted my bike they would take it no matter how large of a lock was securing it.
The same idea can be applied to what Christ wants from us. Do we obey God’s laws because we are scared of the consequences? Or do we obey them because we love and respect ourselves, our neighbors and most importantly our Lord Jesus Christ?
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