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Your Woman & You - Conclusion revised reprint from earlier this year

[This is the conclusion of this non-fiction series[but only under this title].

In the last issue of this blog, I mentioned something about my woman and I coming to terms with our disagreements on pressing issues, and together agreeing to compromise on these differences.

Since, we're human, some of these things recur with regard to outbursts about anything. However, as my wife and I prayed about these things, they began to occur with a lot less intensity.

If you were to ask the Mrs. [mine] if whether our relationship has improved more and more in the short time we've been together, she can't look you in the eye with any sincerity to deny that.

However, all issues are never addressed at once. Some are latent, waiting to pop up. Others of this group, elicit like responses in that you'd repeat the same sort of objections you promised you wouldn't, but with a lot less intensity, as well.

So, in the Name of Jesus, you struggle against them, and they're quickly dispensed with. You do it because this is really not what you're all about in terms of your allegiance to Christ.

You realize you've stepped out of that circle, so you scurry to hop back in. You do. It's the growing pains for any relationship. But, you just learn to respond a lot better, with less severity .... because of Christ....because of her .... and because of your relationship.

The issue at hand is that, my woman, being the weaker link [by virtue of our own approaches to certain challenges, something which she'll readily agree to, irrespectively], caved in and cut out under circumstances where there was no argument or any notable pressures to do so.

It was a pre-meditated gesture replete with evidential forms of self-induced pressures, delusions of not being loved, deceit, faithlessness, and unforgiveness. Of what fruit are these? You know.

" ... ... a wife must not separate from her husband .. but, if she does, she must remain unmarried or else be reconciled to her husband. And a husband must not divorce his wife" [ 1 Cor.: 7:10-11].

" Are you married? Do not seek a divorce .." [1 Cor:7:27]

She wrote a letter saying we were "unequally yoked" premised on differences of interpretations of God's Word(?)

She says: "I have tried for almost three years to make this marraige work. I am done trying. I am filing for a dissolution of the marraige."

Hey man. Please, pray for our sister, here, because these aren't her own ideas and words. These aren't from the woman I know. And, please pray for the restoration of our marraige .....and, of course, please pray for me since I can't let this be a hindrance.

[for the free audio download of the same title, please confer with the Learnoutloud corporation on line]

God Bless You, Your Marraige, and Your Home!

The End


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