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Your Woman & You - Part 2 of More - revised reprint from earlier this year

In the opener of this article, as you recall, I expressed my surprise over  my woman (of course, the Mrs.) suddenly abandoning me without argument and without provocation.  I really couldn't understand why she was so intent on leaving. As you recall, it was without warning.

We live in a time [and you know this], where the morality of the world, and in America, are securely pitched towards the pits of hell ("Make not mistake about it" Pres.G.W. Bush).

In this day, there's a continuous increase in the rhetoric of the world against the institution of marraige.

The pre-eminence of the "don't-like-it-leave!" factor is unmistakable ... and it seems to have taken hold of my wife.
In our relationship, often she was the  weak link with regard to our respect, reverence, and steadfastness in Christ.

  She was most susceptible to succumbing to the evils and snares for pursuing divorce. By saying this, I don't mean to insinuate any kind "male chauvinistic-stereotypic" pretense.  Even she, irrespective of our present distance,  will testify to the effect that on more than a few ocassions she was too easily drawn away more by her emotions than by her sense of reason.

So as a  special message to the guys,  if,  in Jesus, you're stronger by virtue of what you two are experiencing together, then she's the weakest link. Guess what? She's the most likely to succumb to the demonic wearing down and destruction of your relationship.

This was my realization when, at our church, she began to gravitate towards the men, and to converse with them a lot more than with the women [who needed her more].

There were moments, going to church, that her attire was inappropriate for a woman of her stature. She's well endowed. Yet, at points her attire was such that .... Well...if you saw her on the street wouldn't think she was a church deaconess.

That's only an episodic factor. Men must respect your woman. Your expectations [being her brother, confidante, and husband] are that she pursues and maintains respectability.

When you notice her getting a bit too "worldly" in her behavior, especially in public, since you love her, you  approach with a gentle sense of reason.  But she makes it difficult when she tries to justify something which any self-respecting Christian would clearly see is a bit "out-of-the-loop."  So her wonderful face suddenly   freeze-frames    into   an   ugly " who-do-you-think-you-are-to-tell-me- how-'I'-should-dress!"   What can you say? How can you say it in such a way to avoid these awful "ugly face" moments?

[To be continued]

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