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Isaiah 62

A Review of Isaiah 62
by Keith E Gardner
Always using the King James Bible


Isaiah 62:1

In this verse the LORD is telling us “for Zion’s sake” and “for Jerusalem’s sake” He will not rest.  Zion and Jerusalem, in this verse, represent all those called and chosen God.  The LORD says “…I will not rest, until the righteousness go forth as brightness and the salvation thereof as a lamp that burneth”.  This is to say the LORD will not rest until He has made all of His elect His called and chosen.  He is bringing His elect to Himself through those who are already called and chosen.  By the end of time if there are any of His elect who were not gathered by His called and chosen He will bring them Himself just as He bought the very first.

If we look at Genesis 4:1-12 we will see Cain slew his brother Abel who was not an enemy unto him.  Therefore this was an act of murder not killing.  For killing in defense of ones self is acceptable to the LORD as David was a man after God’s own heart, Acts 13:21-22, and David was a killer: 1 Samuel 18:6-7.  However Cain murdered his brother Abel and Abel called out to God from the ground: Genesis 4:10.  This is merely a metaphor used by the LORD telling us that just as the LORD accepted Abel’s offering Abel was one of His called and chosen.  As far as we can tell with any certainty he was the first man to be called and chosen of God.  He was brought to the LORD by God as there were none called and chosen before him.  So I am forced to ponder, could it be possible that just as Abel was the first man saved God will bring, if any, the last to be saved Himself on Judgment Day: Joel 3:19-21?

Isaiah 62:2

“And the Gentiles shall see thy righteousness” is the LORD saying the unsaved of the world will see the righteousness of His called and chosen.  They undoubtedly will not recognize what they see in you as righteousness for the LORD has blinded the eyes of all those who desire their own way: Matthew 15:8-14; however, they will clearly see the difference in their beliefs and ours.  The LORD continues with “and all kings thy glory”.  This is the glory the LORD will give unto all of His as we enter His eternal heaven.  The kings who will see our glory are the called and chosen who are already in heaven; see “A Review of Isaiah 61” in Isaiah 61:3.  The kings who will see our glory are the called and chosen who are already in heaven as we are entering heaven to join their ranks.  The verse closes with “and thou shalt be called by a new name, which the mouth of the LORD shall name”.  As we know from verses like Revelation 2:17 the LORD will give unto each of His a new name and we will go forth doing His will throughout eternity.

Isaiah 62:3-5

In verse 3 we see the LORD sees each of us worthy to serve Him.  In verse 4 the LORD says “Thou shalt no more be termed Forsaken”.  This is because all mankind, both saved and lost, are forsaken by the LORD until He calls and chooses His elect: Isaiah 54:7-8. The rest of mankind is then faced with a very straight forward choice.  They can humble themselves before God and pray for His forgiveness that, if it’s done in truth, He will have mercy on them in their end as He does in their lives: Romans 9:15-16.  Or, they can go their own way believing whatever they will which will leave them with no covering in their end and no man should want to stand before our omnipotent God without a covering: Isaiah 28:17-22.

In the second clause of this verse the LORD says “neither shall thy land any more be termed Desolate”.  This is because we will be in heaven where the truth will be the complete reverse of the desolation we have here on earth.  Heaven will be populated only by beings who worship the one true God.  Therefore the desolation the LORD speaks of here on earth will not exist in heaven; on earth the true believers are only a remnant: Isaiah 1:4-9.  We will all be married to heaven, Beulah, and the LORD will delight in us all.

In verse 5 we see the called and chosen of God being credited with all those whom we took God’s truth.  The joyous matrimony continues as we all come together and the LORD rejoices over us all.

Isaiah 62:6-7

In verse 6 the LORD is speaking of life on earth.  The watchmen He has set upon the walls are His called and chosen and we are always to publish His gospel.  In verse 7 the LORD is telling all of His that it has been given unto us to proclaim His gospel until He comes.  When He comes He will make the Jerusalem of heaven to be praised in the earth but, it will only be praised by His called and chosen: Revelation 11:16-18.

Isaiah 62:8

In verse 8 the LORD is saying He will no longer allow the lost to “play saved”.  He says “…Surely I will no more give thy corn to be meat for thine enemies”.  In these last days He has made the truth of His word comprehensible to all who seek it.  All who desire to know His truth can seek it out for it is being proclaimed openly.  The LORD will no longer allow the lost or the sons of the lost to pretend ignorance of His truth; the truth can be known.  We know this is the proper interpretation because “thy corn” is a representation of the true gospel or, more poignantly put, salvation: Lamentations 2:11-12.  The LORD has run out of patients as He is speaking here of Judgment Day.

Isaiah 62:9

In verse 9 the LORD is telling us those who work to gather the harvest will be those who will drink of the wine.  This wine will be enjoyed “in the courts of my holiness” or in heaven by those called and chosen of God.

Isaiah 62:10

In verse 10 we see the LORD as He is sending His called and chosen forth unto this world to proclaim His gospel.  We know this because to lift up a standard is to broadcast or to proclaim that standard, Jeremiah 11:6, and the standard is the word of God.

Isaiah 62:11

“Behold, the LORD hath proclaimed unto the end of the world” is the LORD speaking to the entire world through His called and chosen.  “Say ye to the daughter of Zion, Behold, thy salvation cometh”.  The LORD here is speaking to His elect, “the daughter of Zion”, as He proclaims they will all be saved.  The LORD continues as He says “behold, His reward is with Him, and His work before Him”.  The reward of the LORD is salvation which He brings with Him as He enters the hearts of His elect.  His work is before Him as He must change the hearts of every one of us before He will grant us the blessing of salvation.

Isaiah 62:12

In verse 12 the LORD continues with “And they shall call them, The holy people, The redeemed of the LORD”.  These are all of us who were the elect of God but, now the LORD has made us His called and chosen.  We are the “them” in this clause while “they” are the heavenly hosts.  The final clause says “…thou shalt be called, Sought out, A city not forsaken”.  I believe we will be called sought out because the LORD watched over each of us until the time was right.  At that time He bought us to Himself hence, we were each sought out by the LORD.

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