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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:25 PM   [20 Sep 2011 | Tuesday]

Blog 17: Not GOD

There are alot of things that happen to us in our lifetime. Some of us get extremely sick with something that could have very likely killed us, some of us get injured really badly and lose an arm or a leg or even die, and some of us lose a family member or a dear friend and it tears us apart. They're alot of things that could happen, and of the three above I've had two happen to me, but before I was a Christian. So it affected whether or not I would even consider Christianity to be truth or not, cause I felt like if there was a GOD he must have been a jerk. But now that I've learned better I've learned as Christians we can make a mistake when something happens.

              We say it was GOD's will, and that it had to be done. That's not necessarily true. Matthew 6:16 implies that GOD's will is not always done on Earth, and that's true. When we sin its not GOD's will, whether it be a sin of omission or commission. Though terrible things in life happen, and they're not GOD's will, he'll be there to make it end up being good for you, & to comfort you if  you ask (Romans 8:28). I've lost alot of family, I've lost 2 cousins, all 8 of my great-grandpa's, 7of my great-grandma's, all 4 of my grandpa's, 2 of my grandma's, and 4 of my closest friends. I've almost died 8 times, and I did die once, though no one believes me because I'm still alive.

              These all happened before I was a Christian, so I didn't turn the fact that I made it through it all okay, that though it may have hurt me, I ended up being a better person because of the value I now see in life. So when bad things happen, it's not necessarily GOD's will, but he will help you deal with it. Another, even better example, is Soul Surfer. She went through everything and kept her faith, which is more than I could probably have said.

              So may GOD be with us, as we deal with the things that life, or Satan, throw at us and ask GOD to help us with them.


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