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12:12 PM   [20 Sep 2011 | Tuesday]

Blog 13: Life Graduation's

      We all look forward to graduation at some point in our life, maybe elementary school, middle school, highschool, or College graduation, but we look forward to it. I myself am looking forward to highschool graduation in two years. And I have been told by several religious people because of age and how long I've been a Christian I don't know a whole lot about what GOD wants. Honestly I sixteen, & new to Christianity, but in the short time I've been alive I've learned more about life than most people in the past few generations have learned on their whole life. I've lost more than most people have lost in their lifetime, I've come to realize that many lessons our grandparents would tell us is true but we don't believe them is true, & I've come to understand that the first half of my life is one if the worst things that could happen to people, not the worst but pretty bad.   
          And I don't know how I ended up the way I am. Most people who have a past like mine end up not believing in GOD, or hating him. That's not what happened to me, I may get on peoples nerves, but I've been told I'm to nice, I can't be mean, or that I'm the nicest person they know. I don't understand that either. I don't want you to feel sorry for me, I brought alot of my past on myself because if what I was doing. 
          The only reason I can think of for being the way I am is because built me to withstand everything life throws at me, & not get completely broken on the way through. I think I could take a hard hit from life, but then I think of Job and wonder, how did he do it. GOD was definitely with him, and though I've had it & so have other people...  he went through even more. If you asked me what I think about life, I'd say there's some graduations. Elementary graduation, you made it through life so far and it hasn't been that bad. 
          Middle school, life’s been rough but it's not that bad. Highschool, it's been nothing but rough, you just can't get a break, life has thrown almost everything at you & you just want to drop out, and most people do. This is where most people turn away from GOD. Then there is College graduation, life’s thrown literally everything at you that it can, and it feels terrible. Jobs the only one I've heard of who got into Life College, & the only one I know who graduated. Most people now a days get into Highschool, and about half that I hear about graduate.
         Everytime someone tells me I don't know alot about GOD or life I think about everything I've dealt with. I think about the Bible verse that says wisdom is not restricted by age. And about how I've listened to and watched more sermons then most of the people who convict me have seen. They may know alot, but thanks to GOD I know just as much, maybe more depending on who's talking to me. Wisdom is not restricts by age, and though I may not be a 4.0 student, I know more than most people think I do.
          I may be young, but some of the most important changes in the past few hundred years were started, about, or majorly involved young people. Just because you're young doesn't mean you don't know alot or can't make a difference. I may be only sixteen, but it’d be hard for someone who reads my blogs to say I don't know alot about GOD or what he teaches us.


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