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12:07 PM   [18 Sep 2011 | Sunday]

Satan and his angels are not "Sons of God "

I would like to open this blog to any serious christian student of the word of GOD and followers, believers and worshipers of God's  ONLY begotten son JESUS  .

I am thick-skinned and have known both types of christian responses. Just be the good type and be polite and courteous to all brothers and sisters in the faith.. The above title is my sincere belief and for the purposes of this blog I will state only facts and scriptures as the basis of this post. Just a little background  I have been a christian since childhood .  I have been a student of God's word as far back as I can  remember. My late wife and I served many years as founders and  ministers in a youth organization , known as Sunshine of Colorado Springs Inc .We received the baptism of the Holy spirit in our youth. We helped reach untold numbers of youths and their parents, friends and relatives with the gospel of Christ  to His glory and honor. 

 For many years I pondered, studied and prayed about Gen 6. I have studied days on end asking God to help me understand and guide me by His Holy Spirit.  After prolonged study and prayer I truly believe God gave me understanding of this chapter. Study , prayer and fasting can bring clarity and closeness to God and his Holy Spirit and His Word  The reason for this post is to examine  a  teaching of the afore-mentioned title.

Subjects will be 1.  The phrase "sons of god"    2. God's angels/ spirits and Satan's angels/spirits/demons 3. Giants in the Bible  

There is a false  teaching that in Genesis 6, fallen angels, married and had giant children with female human beings and caused the down fall of humanity and for God's wrath to come forth and annihilate earth's inhabitants with the exception of one chosen family.  I have heard all the interpretations and read all the reasons for that conjecture and others including the ancient alien astronaut  theory. The one I would like to present will be based on facts and scripture reference only . For the scripture references please get your bible and read along using the King James version.The false teaching would have you believe an assumption , hidden meaning ,camouflaged or deep secret  or code that God wants us to decipher  Follow with me and you will see that this is totally  absurd.

First  let me state some facts .

Fact--- Nowhere in the bible will you see God  or Jesus claim Satan and his angels as a relative , son, brother or brethren or daughter. However His son JESUS , along with followers , believers , worshipers ARE claimed, both in  the old and new testament  as sons  daughters and brethren .  If you read carefully all the scriptures with the phrase "sons of god" and instead of assuming they are angels - good or bad, just read the sentence as it is-- they are your and my brethren , as it should be,  then you will have an entirely different perspective . I will help you with that by saying this . The phrase "sons of god" is always referring to followers , believers and worshipers of God. Here is the proof .In the old testament Humans have been called sons from Adam on.  Adam is the first "son" of God mentioned  Luke 3:38 -- not satan or his angels.  Then Adam's son, Seth , Enos and family began to call on God .Gen 4:26 -- the next sons. They were the first mention of a group of followers  and believers / worshipers.. These were the first "sons of God " that are mentioned in Genesis 6 , the same as Adam was the first "son" Luke 3:38  You do not have to imagine that they  were inferring angels.You really do not even have to assume anything . Simply take the scripture exactly like it reads instead of someone or something interjecting a strange notion .Follow the thought of the author . God could have had him written  sons of the serpent or sons of satan or angels or fallen angels  or the daughters of God married the sons of men.The only daughters of god are humans.If the angels are sons , where are the angel daughters.  Angels are not male/female  Heb 1:7 Ps 104:4 They are spirit beings. He wrote "sons of God ".  Lucifer was called son of the morning In Isaiah 14:7, not a son or my son by God . The word angel or angels is not synonymous with sons , in hebrew or any other language.The word angels is  never written with the phrase  "sons of God" Someone made it up.   The scriptures in Job 1:6 , 2:1  and 38:7 are not angels . The scriptures read the "sons of God" presented themselves before God , the exact same as when God told Moses --- present yourself before me in Ex 34:2.  If God wanted to say angels , he would have said angels. Do not be misled by someone , just because they studied other books or languages. Ask God if He had the author put down something we would have to guess about or did He mean what is written ? . Let us stick with scriptures and facts and put all the references together.His word is from him. Holy men wrote it down.2 Pet 1:20,21. There is Absolutely no reason to believe that they were angels . You would have to believe something that is not there. Someone made it up and passed it down as a teaching. It simply is not  factual. Satan is a usurper and comes in among God's children to accuse and disrupt. He certainly was not there to worship God . When we go to church to be "present" with the Lord , we go and "pre" sent ourselves before Him, just like the followers of old !   

Do you think Jesus wants to claim satan as his brother? Do you want to be satan's brother or sister? Jesus called all followers his brethren. Is satan and his angels followers, believers or worshipers of God.?  No . They are his adversaries.Seven times in the new testament you will find the phrase "sons of God" . Every time it is followers , believers, worshipers of God.  John 1:12 twice in  Romans 8:14 ,8:19  Gal 4:6  I John 3:12   .

Fact _ Those scriptures never mention angels, satan or giants with "sons of God"  . Did God change his meaning of his sons suddenly from the old scriptures to the new ? Did he say to the angels  OK you guys are out ?. You are no longer called sons of God..  I have some new guys now . I want to call humans sons of God. I think not.   

 Fact -- You will NOT find angels ,with wives , children, marriage , multiply, replenish (sex) mentioned together in the bible. Has God ever said he fathered angels or created them and then said these are my sons.? Is God shy about his actions ?   He DID say he has only ONE begotten son. --JESUS John 3:16 and a created son Adam Luke 3:38 . I don't  see the names satan or angels claimed as begotten or created and then called the son of God. God specifically called Jesus and Adam his sons. I see satan and his angels called enemies of God .They are adversaries , accusers and warriors against God and his followers.  When did they change from sons to enemies ? They didn't. They were enemies of God before Adam was a son . Did God call satan and  his angels wayward sons or rebellious sons? Was God ashamed to claim them as his relatives ? No . They were not his sons.  .  

 Fact - Nowhere in the bible did God say to satan or his angels multiply and replenish the earth or heaven or any other place. They cannot multiply . They are spirits  Heb 1:7 , Ps 104: 4 not flesh and blood and they cannot cohabit with humans. Nowhere in the bible doe's God say spirits can marry , have sex  or children or do anything requiring flesh and blood. . What deceived person dreamed up such a notion.?.They could not change back and forth  from  flesh to spirit any more than we could. If they could why aren't they still doing it ? When did it start and when did it stop.? Don't you think God would put an important fact like that in his Word and have warned mankind or womankind  replenish the earth but --- " WARNING" do not marry or cavort with any angels , mine or satan's . Nowhere in the bible did God grant angels permission to multiply.. Why would any christian just simply believe that ? Maybe they need to study Gods word more.Angels both good and bad are spirits and God has never EVER called them sons. Proof positive > Heb 1:5   Crystal clear ! Read the rest of Hebrews 1 and God makes it indelible that none of the angels,  His or satans are now or ever have been "sons of God' These were Hebrews Paul was teaching to. Some scholars believe Luke may have scribed this epistle for Paul because of the missing greeting from Paul as was his custom. They knew the old testament inside out.  It is my sincere belief that God put that scripture in the bible specifically to confound a person that would attempt false teaching about angels and sons of God. The Lord could not make it more clear . If you can not see this , there is nothing else that would convince you .   He has only one begotten son , Jesus --John 3:16  and many sons and daughters.II Cor 6:18 If we follow, believe and worship Him He has given us his word that we will be His family.We are grafted in. Rom 11:16.We are adopted and call  God Abba father Rom 8:15 . Satan and the angels cannot say Abba father. It is not in the bible . They desire to look into our kinship. with God . I Pet 1:12

The depraved inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah were so twisted in their thinking that they thought to have sex with angels, as if they could ! See what happened to them ! The angels wiped them off the face of the earth ! Angels have no intention or ability of  such a thing. Let anyone try it and see what happens ! There is no reference to tie an angel to reproduction or the likelihood of sex organs.  Jesus plainly said we would be like the angels in heaven Matt 22::30 The Sadducees were trying to trip Jesus up regarding husbands and wives after death and they didn't even believe in the resurrection of the dead.  The subject was who would be the husband to the wife and Jesus  said as the angels , we will not marry after the resurrection .  No marriage so it follows ,  no wives , so no children so no sex .In Gen 6, they took wives.  Nowhere in the bible do you see male and female angels multiplying . Nor doe's any scripture say an angel had sex with a human. If God did not create them with bodies like ours but spirit only  and they cannot  multiply, then they are sexless in a rational sense .They can and have appeared many times looking human but God says they are spirit . They are messengers,, warriors, ministers , guardians and  performers of God's commands . The fallen angels are bound and reserved unto judgment. 2 Pet 2:4 . Peter was teaching , here again to Hebrews also known as Jews   on false prophets of old and his present time. . He said if God can chain the angels that sinned and He saved Noah and punished Sodom and Gomorrah and delivered Lot then He can deliver you or them , as it were from false teaching and false prophets. The book of Jude has an almost identical teaching.   

Satan's angels do his bidding but God never gave satan or his angels permission or ability for sexual acts with women . They often influence humans , of both sexes to do immoral sexual acts but they cannot have sex. Jesus and all the prophets and teachers of God's word Have warned us  from the beginning of immoral sexual acts but never ever taught -- DO NOT HAVE SEX WITH AN ANGEL or giants will be born and they are hybrids and God will have to wipe out humanity . ! They have never and will never need to !  It has  never and will never happen. It is not in God's word . They taught -- love your own wife and leave your neighbors wife alone , be clean inside and out so you won't be influenced by evil but never said  BEWARE of angels that want to have sex with you. I believe the point has been made !  

 When spirits went into the swine they ran over a cliff They did not have giant piglets..The only spirit I want in my body is mine and God's. If the daughters of men in Gen 6 had sex with a spirit they would have become insane or jumped off a cliff or jumped into  a fire ! I just cannot and  will not believe  that Gen 6 , was angels taking wives and having giant children. When angels appear, humans are struck with fear and awe unless you are stupid and depraved like Sodomites . If you were ever fortunate enough to come into contact with an angel , you best not think of sex. You are only going to get one shot at your first impression.    

 Lastly . Let's talk about giants .Giants are NOT some hybrid super natural being  as some would have you believe. . Why would a christian just assume that by reading one scripture. ? Let's get real !  The conjecture is that in Genesis 6   the fallen angels had sex with the daughters of men and started a race of giants and polluted the entire race of humans except Noah and his family. So God destroyed humanity with the deluge to get rid of the breed of giants.

Fact --giants are mentioned once before the flood and 11 times after the flood ,   and not in the new testament. They are also known after the flood in Deuteronomy and Numbers  as various names such as Anakims emims, zam-zumims even nephilim in some circles.They are all giants.  If God meant to destroy them with the flood he must have failed because they are there after the flood  .Is our God a God of failure? Did satan create giants after the flood ?  I don't believe it for a moment and you shouldn't either. Giants are just large people. The words  angels or satan is never used in conjunction with giants. We have giants today. No one calls them the offspring of angels.

Some would have you believe that  the ancient hebrew  leaders and scripts  always identify sons of God as angels .Wrong with a capital W. Strong's lexicon literal hebrew translation of sons is ben bane , meaning Israelite son and son , as in father to son lineage.It is precisely the same in the phrases "sons of God" as it is in  the dozens of times used as natural , flesh and blood sons of men. It doe's not mean angels who are spirits . It means the sons of men are the sons of God. It is the exact same word and meaning. Some would teach you  that giants or nephilim meant offspring of the fallen angels .   Wrong again. . Present day Hebrew expert scholars with PHd's break it down to participles , plural usage  and ancient understanding of the same and prove that to the absolute contrary.Jesus and the disciples were Hebrews . Did they ever call satan or an angel a brother or son ? I don't think so. Do you think they knew the old testament forwards and backwards ? I think so. Do you think that God knows when a son comes before him as opposed to an  angel as in the Job reference ?. When God said let us make man in our image and likeness , do you think he made an angel  instead ?. Is he senile and forgot they are sons   ? I don't think so. Doe's God know when to insert a proper word into a sentence.? I will take the current scriptures and plain facts over any  concoction that is NOT based on scripture and fact.!  Do not be misled by a person just because they have more education than you. Education doe's not equate to understanding God's word and means absolutely  didilly squat with God. Spirituality will and study , prayer , fasting and God - showing the proper scriptures counts with God. and Jesus.

Study and pray that the holy spirit leads you in all the scriptures pertaining to angels, spirits, demons, giants and "sons of God" and see what you believe. It will take some time but it is so worth the investment. The only hope the false teaching has is speculation at best. Not solid beginning to end, old and new testament scriptural evidence.  

The authors and speculators of  the ancient alien  theory do not even know the difference between Hebrew writings , verses Greek writing. They quote Greek as Hebrew . Do not use Enoch , the Koran  or any other reference when trying to understand this subject. Stick to the Bible as we know it today. It has never,  ever failed us. Do not be swayed by a teaching that quotes out of context either . That is not a teaching . That is the method that false teachers use to prove a false point.

 None of the scripture references that the false teaching uses mention angels and "sons of God" together. If Gen 6 is not angels their whole theory collapses. 


So there you have it brothers and sisters in the faith.. My facts and scriptures. Beloved Now are we the "SONS OF GOD" I JOHN 3:2.


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