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   [15 Sep 2011 | Thursday]

Temptation, meditation, and prayer

 Thailand...the land of tolerance of every idea and every concept; so much so that no virtue is held in esteem of another. Virtues are taught by the family unit and the man in the family is the lead example of such virtue in our Christology. However, our world, our societies, are ever becoming more "fatherless." Why? Well, how many hours at work do you spend dad? What, in addition to your sould, are you trading your family for? 

 To be a father is to be a role model. I recall the apostle Paul as he witnessed and corrected the Church at Corinth. Paul, as we know, was a single man and it is said that he was married once. Paul told to the Church that being single is a blessing beyond measure because we have more of our lives to submit to God. To obstain from creating a family is a great pleasure to those who serve God whole-heartedly as Paul did. It allows for a braoder more enriched field of evangelism. haveing a family is a different type of blessing....and a man who has chosen to have a family should cultivate it as a garden; ensuring every possibility for ripened fruits of society, and as Lot proclaimed," is there not one Lord, what if their were five, ten...." 

 The children at the Bang Lamung Orphans home have had no family; only government employees who take care of them. They do a good job too. I would like to tell my readers more about them but I will wait until I can get to know them better before I give my character assesments. I am still learning to speak and understand won't take me long.

 Being around these children has reminded me that life is more than our materials. That God's mercy, which was even offered to me, is a free gift; even to those who do not know of Him. It is my obligation, until it is known, to participate in their suffering. I will do so gladly until I am no longer needed. Then I will move on the next and the next and the next. Hopefully, I will have a Church supporting me by then....:)

I am faced with the challenge that I may never be a father someday. However, God has shown me, by His grace, that the Holy Spirit is sufficient to lead my life and yours. Our live, to live much like the Cherubim at the throne of God in Revelation.... Family is a blessing as much as a house and farm or occupation. If you don't beleive me just read the book of Job (again). Lose it all gentlemen...and where will you stand? In death you can not take anything with you and you would hope that your sons would reflect your image as Jesus did for the Father. 

These boys need role models. Men who are willing to spend time with them and cultivate their lives. I am calling Christian men now to join my cause! If you meet the criteria... To help me teach English, give shoes, and bible tracks (in their language) from Malaysia to Afghanistan. I am unconventional but God has made me a leader and an evangelist. There will be some of you reading this who will know what I am talking about. If you would like for me to speak to your church I would gladly do so. This is an excellent place to practice monastic evangelism and martial arts. 

A fatherless society...a Buddhist relegion...the only virtue attained is the "making of merit" which is done by taking offerings to a local Wat (temple) or giving to the monks when they walk by bare-foot and bald. They do indeed live a life of complete monsticism which is very honorable in my opinion, however, it shows that there is a large grey area of life. Buddha does not teach love unconditional and does not require any sacrificial efforts on behalf of the individual. There is nothing in Buddha that teaches of mercy and grace either, only karma. Which, allow me to elaborate, has nothing to do with reaping and sowing as mentioned in bible.

  What was good about Buddha (the man) was that he was a good man! He chose to help people, therefore, stories of him today still persist. This is why when stories are told about him they often are accompanied by acts of greatness i.e. lotus' blooming at his feet as he walked. I do not doubt that that could have happened but I like to point out to you sheep that my/our God walked on water and was born in a horse stable, taught Himself alone the law of the Jews even (not as a prince in a palace tuaght by many theologians) Likewise, this relegion, much like the early catholic church, has amassed great wealth in it's temples and building of them...therefore its dieties are vividly shown everywhere. The earning of merit is supposed to bring good fortune and luck to a week's worth of work. A fortune that is open for all types of interpretation; if you are blessed with a forune of money you are expected to build a Wat. Also, temptation is not limited and is perceived as desire; denying desire leads only to a better lifestyle. Truth to that. The denying of desire, as taught by Buddha, will lead to better fortunate experiences i.e. customers at the business, buyers in the markets, or tourists in the bars....but there is no denying of self. Hence the abstract fatherless society we are faced with today. 

 The boys are moslty autisitic. It is my opinion that orphans and autistic ones at that tend to make great men and leaders due to the nature of their experiences. Pray for me that I can portray Christ, in His humanity, and be a role-model and teacher for these boys. Pray I will be able to continue here in a string budget. Pray for fruit of my sowing. I am faced with people who will tolerate me but a government that may not. I am faced with many temptations daily, and daily my spiritual cup is emptied, daily I need renewed with your prayers. 




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