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The Only World Book with Truth This World Knows not; and your life unknowingly depends on it in deeper ways than your mind will allow;


This book has been written only to be distributed because it contains information that all the inhabitants of this whole world need to not only knowà But understandà  Therefore through the many places it shall be posted, the very many important photos won’t be seen. Also in some sites due to the lack of space allowed, only this preface with a few chapters will be postsd. So if you would like more visable detail, send me your email address at ; and I will send you the book as an attachment.



When any person has something to say to others which does not line up perfectly with what their own mind already has stored, no matter what is said, their thoughts are still the same; and so are yours with no real accomplishment. Welcome to this world of politics, religion, life and all subjects with everybody right in their own ways and beliefs with everyone else wrong. What this book possesses is a message for this entire human race while expecting no change in any individual person beyond their subconscious mindàà so what’s discussed with proof could somewhat by the ways of many be considered a fortune telling or horoscope for all mankind’s future; and by the ways of {few} others, a true message from God shall clearly be seen; and yet still by others as in majorityàà just wherever their own thought places what is spoken through these many pages; and what makes this book unique is the fact that it proves where this human race is headed without questionà and it accomplishes what it speaks for all whether or not they believe in God because I can understand people from all sidesà and the fact of the matter is that we are all human beings with body and mind which makes us equalà therefore this world of people no matter who they may be can not only learn of their own fate, but the circumstances they will have to go through until their end comes; and these words include all within a world where the true gospel has never before been preached or lived as writtenà and that is why this human race has its own uncountable mega hundreds of thousands of beliefs when broken down and categorizedà and also are reasons why this world is full of so much evil that to accurately list with description would require a million book library accompanied with a lifetime of reading just to get startedà yet this world still has over 3 billion who say they believe in God while not even knowing who He truly is with understanding or even following His book of written instruction with faith as all who believe have been commanded to do by who they believe inàà but reject and refuse to believe what He says to do and not to do as in a world of disobedient inactive dead weight sluggards who justify themselves while not doing as “THE WORD” directs. 


As far as why this book is being written, the facts are that God put me into a situation of life nearly five years ago where I just with no choice became as a prisoner doing time to learn right from wrong, truth from error, the difference between wide and narrow along with a very clear understanding of what to expect through the coming years and how to deal with the unseen and unknown which this worlds societies and population are in no way prepared forà and what’s so extremely sad is in the way prison life has taught me the very deep truths of the many who will still not listen even though all that is being said will directly affect their life; and the few who do hear, believe and understand will do more than just hear through listening intently; and by doing as I do through absolute trust in God with the 100 percent elimination of mankind through his man made false teachingsààà Because it is man who has brought this world to its disastrous circumstances which are getting ready to shake, rattle, roll, stomp, kill and destroy in ways that will short circuit billions of minds worldwide with batteries not included.


“Oh yes, Judgment Day is coming!"
   These are the words of my Master God.
"I'll send a famine through the whole country.
   It won't be food or water that's lacking, but my Word.
People will drift from one end of the country to the other,
   roam to the north, wander to the east.
They'll go anywhere, listen to anyone,
   hoping to hear God's Word—but they won't hear it. {Amos 8:11-12}-{The Message}


In this world of religion today, I have many years of searching for God’s only true church wanting only to totally give myself through devotion for where ever God leads, but only to find that there is no true church of God on earth other than the few individuals within His little flock who are scattered here and there all around the world while being in wait for God’s lead. So as the days turning into years of God’s judgment which the beginning of are almost upon us all, the billions worldwide will have their lives with everything around them being taken and destroyed with only wanting to know from God whyàà and the only reason they have found themselves deep within calamity full of panic and disaster is because they were never taught correctly by man in the first placeàà so as of today when you read these words, there is still bread and water in dwindling suppliesàà but the days are approaching when these words shall be read by people hungry, thirsty and suffering only because they never heard the truth of God through this entire world of man made religions meaning that the famine of God’s Word is already hereàà and I have a decade of witnessing with experiences the ways of man through their religions where God cannot be found; and by simply believing God through THE WORD àà to prove all things as you just read can easily be done.  


There was a time in my life when I had a nice home on acreage, mechanic repair shop, muscle cars, Harley, mega tools along with mega miscellaneous supplies so that I could make items, fix about anything, fabricate, weld, rebuild an engine or just whatever. But just as people all over America and the world, there were many reasons through the years that I lost everything other than some clothes, my Bibles, Strong’s, and some other books including a desire to really one day come to know God while also seeing the approaching great darkness in America back in the early 1990’sàà and with that was the attitude that God was so great and I was so nothing that if my living was ever reduced to a barrel with a lid in a field just for my survivalàà so be it because I would never lose my faith with the understanding that better things are coming for this entire human race which man through his own ways, laws, pride, spirit, greed and direction have very well destroyed because man is just totally incapable of ruling man; and this book is slap full of extremely solid facts that will shock many, in fact the knowledge becomes so overwhelming that I just fail to see how so many worldwide can remain so ignorantà but when giving much thought to the extreme powers held by the god of this world along with the human spirit which prefers to direct itselfà I can easily understand why because the father of lies is the CEO over his demons in charge of duping this entire human race while holding one very powerful resume that dates back millions of years before the creation of manà or the big bang that formed the monkey man where we all came from according to some of the genius of man.


So when the only higher power calls which is God Almighty; and directs in silent unheard and unfelt ways, we just do as led without any choice whatsoever with our own life becoming as a private prison that becomes an education on how to live alone in a world with thanks often just for breads, rice and boiled leavesàà and just as any person I could make a never ending list of hardshipsà but when I look at the victims of this world in the billions everywhere, I really have no hardships whatsoever when comparison becomes the factor.


So what’s that mean? If I was a man of great wealth, my whole life would become devoted to being in the rough just for the opportunity of helping one family at a time, or one small village at a time in Nigeria or anywhere in the world because the greatest reward any human being can ever is just the feelings from bringing some happiness into the lives of the uncountable who need it. Sure, helping but only one at a time to many minds is absolutely nothing when there are billions that need it alsoà but when one can see the big picture, it’s a reflection of the love which God is looking for within individuals which are the factor that determines who God will have mercy on during these coming years of great tribulationà because the more one’s self is into selfà the more that God will keep to Himself when those who never showed any care for others become the ones in panic, distress, hunger, pain and suffering with no one that cares or hears only as a lesson on love that man through all his religions has never taught; and part of my placement from God has been many years with only one hard and difficult time added by another with the last people on earth to have any genuine care whatsoever being all of the religions people who believe in God with great words from the tongue that never go any further.


When a person who is not a writer has been writing very steadily day and night for years, they become more and more particular on their wording, chapters, subjects and lay out so as to make everything they have written to look good, professional and organized while being set up for the readers intake so they can understand exactly what is being saidà but what we have in this book is something different as in just what it says without all of the extreme in depth organization which is hard to do with about 400 pages on just one old slow computer that has a very strong brain strain with many Microsoft word problems accompanied with disk space shortage including a monitor that wants so bad to just bite the dust that often it is more of a flashing, blinking and vibrating light show with a full time fuzz at the bottom which makes whatever is there unreadable. And add to that not even having the use of a printer for a very much dedicated work in the writing of this book with a message for all who will most certainly receive it through many different stages of their life all depending on their minds and circumstance. So take note that sooner or later you will not only want this message, but need what it contains; and my education for this subject matter began with God about twenty years ago with all of my prior ways of human life since childhood becoming as education in the flesh which became education from God’s Spirit through these past years while being completely disassociated with humanity so as to have a clean slate for God to work with.


What’s most important for all believers is the understanding of just what a clean slate actually is because none in this world even possess it. For the best clear descriptionàà think of brand new plumbing as something cleansed and completely open for only a very smooth flow of what’s pure with no blockages, no leaks, no corroded back wash, and just nothing that is not meant to be other than what’s only pure and tried words which can come only through God’s Holy Spirit that only He can give to those who earn it through following His instruction as “THE WORD” leads with direction.


So what best describes an unclean slate as clogged plumbing filled with corrosion, leaks, filthy backwash and just uncountable unstable additives which totally destroy what began as pure? Any association whatsoever with any of the religious beliefs of man everywhere on earth which is uncountable delivers only what is not pure. For the most precision answer, we all as believers in God must believe only God through His words with absolutely no trust in man whatsoever; and when we do that according to “THE WORD” we become no longer of this world just as Christ very clearly states in John 15:19; and what Christ says is that all others through every belief on earth are of this world and being of the many who are lead by the doctrines and traditions of man; and not the few who are lead only by the Spirit of God.


All who believe in God must understand that Satan through his very subtle, clever and deceiving ways as the father of lies while also being the prince and power who places his feel good self-righteous spirit of error within all believers worldwide who receive a great spiritual uplifting in all of the buildings of man when hearing the doctrines of man which make God’s words of truth to become as nothing within their lives. Therefore this world of religious believers who are church goers mean wellàà But are rejecting God’s own words in Mark 7 that tell how the doctrines and traditions of man make His word to become as nothingàà and that means all who trust and learn from man are being led by the father of lies who leads all children of God in disobedience. Ephesians 2:2      


The main reason for all to read these words is because if believers are worshippers as Catholics, Baptists, Christian, Mormon, Quaker, Wiccan or any of the completely uncountable beliefs through manà it really makes no difference; and that is because the base reason for this book is where it will find its home within the sub-conscious of many, so just as I previously wrote, I expect to see no change in people because my job for God is not in changing this world of peoples thought, but rather warning this entire world through God’s unreported breaking news that the beginning of the end is almost upon this whole human raceàà but in ways they have no knowledge ofàà yet I know there will be some who can see the truth now because their hearts are searching for only God through His lead without man who has always destroyed God’s truth; and others who will not until their suffering becomes so great that their minds will then pull up these words that are now being  planted à which at that particular time they refused to believe, yet that retained knowledge will give them some needed strength to help deal with whatever their extremely difficult situation may be; and for those who remain so very hard hearted that they refuse truthà in their final end of life with their current state of heart and mindà it will become five months of torture to revive them while they are seeking death and not even being able to find it as written in Revelation 9:6


To be not of this world means having no association with society that people of this world cannot understand; and what that equals is just seeing everything from a different point of view; and all which becomes very clearly seen through the ways of man only brings on persecution with religious people being the worst of all because they have all been overcome by the god of this world and don’t even know it with reason being they don’t believe what God tells them allà and the words of God used in this book prove all things because by myself, I can do nothing.


And if you are one who wants not to hear anything about God at this particular time, I clearly understand why because of what can be seen within the religions of this worldàà But because this book does have very much needed information for everyone on earth, for now just pass by “THE WORD” and get right down to how theyà{world’s elite}à Have Been Killing you and you’re children softly through mind and body in ways you know nothing ofà and all the proof you need will read in this book while being all around you and within your mind and body which comes from what man has been doing to this world’s population. And this book gives all the detail needed to clearly see reality as it truly is.


Another very important main purpose of what has been written in this book is also geared towards celebrities, activists and those within this world who truly care about others no matter who they may be such as Oprah Winfrey who has many millions who love her dearly all over this worldà but because she knows not God just as none do according to what God speaks regarding all of the uncountable religions of man worldwide; therefore Oprah just as this world of false teachers through religions will be dragging mega millions reaching the billions into the pits of death and suffering which just go beyond words in true horror with one major differenceà Oprah really cares about others whereas most all the shepherds worldwide really only care about their own bellies and pride. However, another unique aspect of what’s written in this book is how I can easily see from the point of view of non-believers in God, therefore I can love them just as anyone else; and the reasons why I hold nothing against them and can understand their minds is also written in this book.


What’s so important regarding big names and celebrities worldwide is their position because they are well known, seen and heard by millions whereas I am but only one man alone in the dust of the earth with no effective way to reach anyone other than a minute few within the world of religious people who hear the least while judging others the mostà and that is but only one reason why I can so well understand non believers feelings and point of viewà because what I speak are not words against any, but rather the years of bad experiences with people through the man made religions where God placed me at the end of 2006 from Chicago into the Philippines for education, great spiritual growth and great increase in faith for the purpose of this writing.    


So what’s the bottom line?


I have devoted my life to only God who is love; therefore He states his warning all through His words with the last to know being the religions of man; and the answers to confusion of man through his religions can be seen in this book with the god of this world behind it all other than who God chooses for His use. àà Moses planned not his own life, neither did Abraham plan his; and Jacob who became Israel did not plan his life either, nor Daniel, Elijah, Paul, John, Samuel, Luke, James, David or any men of God because just as Jeremiah, they were all known before they were even formed in the wombà so when a believer just tosses their life aside while opening themselves to whatever God directs no matter what their life’s circumstance may beà it is because for one, they already know without question that they will do even greater works than Jesus Christ just as written {John 14:12} in the words they trust and strive to live byà and for two, they just believe God, trust God, and seek God according to his instruction; and for number three which is in totally eliminating man or any other human beings from their life when the word is concerned; and that is because Christ looked only to His Head The Father while leaving all believers with an example to followà but none, no, not one does; and those words from Psalms will be well covered in this book.


So what’s the bottom of the bottom line on why all should read this book?


All repeats throughout this book are as the word or spike of truth that I being the sledge must hit very many times in order to drive it deep into many minds, so all through these words there are many hits on the same spike because from the womb to the elderly those seeking world control have been killing us all softly while leading us in the same way as all the animals in a zoo who know nothing other than the way of life that’s allowed along with what we all have been trained for through decades of subliminal messages and quality messages our minds buy which are unknown to us all. So from the world’s worst prison inmates to billionaire Warren Buffett àà It makes no difference because the end is coming upon us allà But what does make a difference is which road you have chosen with Psalms 91 being a good example of the choice you still have little time to make with heads being Proverbs 1:33 and tails being Proverbs 1:22-32àwhich are written in this book.  So because God cares about everyone, He is making his truth clear through a man who few will hear just as only few heard Ezekiel who was chosen by God. Through reading this book you will also come to see by all that I have written along with pictures of my Bible all marked up as a road map with a million travel miles with being just fallen apart and worn into sections along with my other Bibles showing that the word is far from being something new in my life; and added is the fact that through years of mistakes in trusting in man I have learned to place absolutely no trust in humans whatsoeverà so other than my wife, God is my only friend teacher and associate on earth.


The bottom line x 3= When a person cares about others beyond empty words, it means there is something within their heart that only God can see; and when any individual can exist though an entire life of hard times with nothing but 50 years of regrets all the way to living a life with almost five years past since a decent sit down meal of choice, a marriage with a twenty four dollar set of rings, buying breads fish and rice on credit; and with that never even being on a real date with your own wife while existing within a 20x18 rough unfinished native home with a leaf roof on a 30x30 lot that the seller filled with greed and evil decided not to even sell while having 80 percent of total lot cost from the money we paid with our home built on ità yet those who understand God just look at the hardships of all worldwide while being thankful for what they do have verses the nothing of billions. I would be very grateful for any who just help in distributing this book because only God can soften any heart anywhere at any time; and be it God’s will, even Oprah could be a great help through her OWN in spreading this message of truth. With the closing of these words, the past four days I have spent at the hospital with my wife who had pneumonia, and just as always we have not the money to pay the bill which has been our normal way of life ever since we met in March of 2007àà Yet our faith never wavers as we just trust in God for all things; and in the same way without fail or any doubts whatsoeveràà the times of the end have arrived where all believers in this world must look to God in the same way through obedience which is faith that just trusts in His every wordà because without faith God cannot be pleasedàà and if God is not pleased with an individualàà He will show no mercy in the coming great tribulation which is coming upon this entire human race.




Chapter 1

This Book has been written for all people of the human race regardless of their beliefs everywhere on earth—Period.


Chapter 2

The Only Way to Know God


Chapter 3

My Seriousness towards God

Chapter 4                                                                                                      All All have salvation, eternal hell fires of torture are false doctrines, all will be judged through fires.

Chapter 5                                                                                                      Let’s Let'sJust Talk

Chapter 6                                                                                                                                                                             This World is going to sink just as the Titanic in 1912 as in history that has already happened.

Chapter 7                                                                                                                                                                                The Most Important Message to the World that has ever before been.          

Chapter 8
What all need to know on just how they are being killed softly and silently through drugs, toxins, processed foods, dairy, ect.

Chapter 9

The ways of man within a cruel world through Human Medical Experimentation


Chapter 10                                                                                                                                                                         Walt Disney Facts on how children have always been brainwashed

Chapter 11                                                                                                                                                                         Most important on how all human minds have been unknowingly fed

Chapter 12                                                                                                                                                                             The Military

Chapter 13

Police, Tasers, Torture, Execution in America, Info on Presidents and the world


Chapter 14                                                                                                                                                                          Why Judgment Must Come Upon us all

Chapter 15                                                                                                                                                                         Great Suffering and Why Many Do Not Believe in God

Chapter 16                                                                                                                                                                          Gaining a Whole New Vision of God and why all the Evils in this World

Chapter 17                                                                                                                                                                        Major Disaster

Chapter 18                                                                                                                                                                                                                               You’re Extremely Grim Future

Chapter 19                                                                                                                                                                           Who Israel was and for what Purpose

Chapter 20

Famous Freemasons


Chapter 21

Music of the Devil through Christian, Country and Rock


Crutch of the Matter






Section with many cuts from book.



Chapter 1

This Book has been written for all people of the human race regardless of their beliefs everywhere on earth—Period.


From the beginning of this book it can be read either as fiction or non fiction, and that is because no matter what you may believe, it makes no difference whatsoever; and that’s because what is going to happen to every human being on earth cannot be changed regardless of what you’re belief’s thoughts or efforts may be. If you are not religious or a believer in God---no problem---and I only speak those words because of this world filled with those who claim they believe while not even believing what God speaks too them all which does line up with the brewed doctrines of man within uncountable different religions scattered worldwide. There is but only one mature and intelligent thought as if choices in life are not written, just don’t do them or participate, but all believers do what’s not written such as pagan ways even though “THE WORD” says we are to live by every word of Godàà Therefore they have become even more deceived than this world of people who don’t believe in Godà So just search chapters in this book concerning your own fate as a necessity based on the reality of this world ruled by man with the god of this world as his lead; And if you are a believer in God through Christ our Lordà this book will teach the meaning of the word “believe” according to God and not man which carries a 100 percent difference.


Therefore the whole of the matter concerning what has been written within the pages of this book is for all worldwide in all cultures and all beliefs no matter what they may be---because in the end---all worldwide who have ever been since the beginning of the human race will come to know God Almightyà and when this book becomes published in many languages and freely distributedà all will then learn its source through the coming mountains of nitroglycerin worldwide bringing only massive chaos from the white horse who has already brought deception everywhere on earth while leading the other horses into the full gallop of wars, famine and disease as the worst blackness being blacker than blackest darkness which has ever been since the beginning of man when hundreds of millions begin dying everywhere while growing into the billions through these coming approximate eight years when all of the worst nightmares any individual has ever had become multiplied into uncountable living horrors as this worlds worst unseen darkness all becomes what life is for a civilization who refused the truths of reality through the words of a God who is not known, believed, understood or obeyed, and the reasons why you shall come to know as you continueà and I can speak those words very firmly because as a believer in God who actually has some true knowledge which is understanding of God that is being given to me from Godà I would not believe in God either if the religions of man with their believers were my only source of informationà and in this book are very many pages for a quick run through glance which shows the completely uncountable false beliefs through this human race that would equal in the hundreds of thousands when deeply divided verses the fact there is but only one true God who this world in no ways knows or has any knowledge of; and the real killer is the fact that God speaks those words which none believeàà yet billions give praise and glory to God through lip love while not doing one single thing which He instructs as the commanded living by His every word. So if dead actions are not a direct insult to God, I don’t know what is.


Do you care or want to know who you truly are and why you exist without all the bull spit from man? Do you have any interest in what you eat, drink, breathe and are associated with daily in unknown ways which have been killing you softly? How about the brainstorms of man a century ago on world take over through the ability to control minds through subliminal messages? Do you have any interest of just how great the increase of the knowledge of man has become so great to the point where photo’s of a black hole in outer space 3.5 billion light years away can be accomplished with perfect beauty to view as the result? à But we as a planets civilization cannot even help all of our own people worldwide dying ever second from starvation, diseases, murders, tortures, beatings and just every disgusting imaginable way from a to z à Why is that? Why a world of evils with deaths in ways uncountable?  If someone wanted to tell you clearly how you, your own children and loved ones are being murdered daily through slow-kill which affects the mind and body with all the facts that you needed to know backed with proof of all spoken wordsà would you take any interest?


If there was a book which was written for everybody everywhere on earth in every type of lifestyle and every type of situation from San Quentin, to those in hospitals, to those in retirement homes, to those in castles made of sand, to those who own diamond minds, to those who rule Russia, to those who live in luxury, to those in Hollywood, to those who worship the devil, to those who hail Mary, to those in mental institutions, to those in the VFW, to those who are world musicians, to those who are educators, to those who live in the swamps, to those who are billionaires, to those who are presidents, prime ministers, artists, authors, gang members, scientists, rebels in Syria, Buddha worshippers, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Wicca’s, professional torturers, country music, rappers, rock head or meth head, blind or death, rich or poor, believer or unbeliever, true or false, night or day, wrong or rightààà because no matter who in this entire world you may be, and no matter what you may think, àà It makes not a lick of difference because your end is coming through ways of agitation and anxiety caused by the presence or imminence of dangers you have never before knownà and detailed in ways that you not only don’t want to hear, but will not believe as if you can actually get out of dodge from your own suffering which brings death that God has already witnessed and wrote of in prophecy thousands of years agoàà Yet this world of believers don’t know or believe the message from who created all thingsàà but people will believe a fortune teller, false prophet, Pope or any teachers of darkness on this planet while even joyfully paying for the lies with thoughts of being righteous.    


First things first must be spoken regarding this world’s current situation just to keep another’s attention beyond the first paragraph because this world is full of the same old words to read a million times over and over again which are always as if the writer is the only one who has not been sucked into the big lie which the growth of the human race is based on through the god of this world whose alias is the father of lies; and the actual only true fact of the matter is that every person whom has ever existed has been duped, stultified and very cleverly deceived with but only one exception which are God’s chosen few over the past 6000 years who have been removed from the Devils clutches of deception and appointed for reasons that only they can understand according to what God has revealed to them; and when it comes to speaking towards others regarding our purpose---pause---even if God’s own words are used through attempting an explanation on who we have becomeà it’s to no avail because only He can give in depth understanding to who He chooses with having faith in His words which come through His messengers who have become His workman with absolutely no other life. 


“The Spirit, not content to flit around on the surface, dives into the depths of God, and brings out what God planned all along. Who ever knows what you're thinking and planning except you yourself? The same with God—except that he not only knows what he's thinking, but he lets us in on it. God offers a full report on the gifts of life and salvation that he is giving us. We don't have to rely on the world's guesses and opinions. We didn't learn this by reading books or going to school; we learned it from God, who taught us person-to-person through Jesus, and we're passing it on to you in the same firsthand, personal way.          {1 Corinthians 2:10-13}


Let’s cut the chase and get right down to some pure truth. How many of the few genuine men of God through history wore expensive suits, had big smiles, big homes, big bellies, big congregations, big offerings, big buildings, big words, big egos and big lies? Just John Hagee alone out of a world full has more counterfeit words than his belt size which is mega hugeàà So to me by the words of God which are the only life that I have come to know through His will and purpose with absolutely no otherà It seems to me the clothes of Paul must have became bloody when he was being beaten with rods, stoned, lashed, in prisons, robbed, cold, naked, hungry and surrounded with false brethren. Does any of those circumstances match the life of you’re pastor, minister, reverend, teacher, priest, prophet scholar, layman or brethren? Just as an example through the least part of Paul’s sufferingsà how many spiritual teachers, preachers, leaders, evangelists, prophets and all other titles have been robbed, poor, hungry, sick, tired, behind bars and also lived through an entire lifetime of living nightmares and struggles? Through my life I have been through all of those circumstance with these past five years of being still very poor, sick, tired, hungry and even very much detested, scorned and persecuted by a world of false brethren just as my Lord said I would beà but because of my spiritual growth in coming to know God through knowledge which is understandingà these past years of hardships have been the greatest years of my lifeà and on Paul’s sufferings I say the least for now and today because the most with very great amounts of sorrows with bloodshed is coming through the tomorrows upon all from the lowest in poverty to the very wealthiest people on earth which will be spread over these coming years as the beginning of sorrows grows closer each dayààà Therefore all of today’s hardships for any people on earth can be seen as a spiritual preparation through learning whole truths while always looking to only God with unwavering faith no matter what aches, pains, troubles, hardships, hurts and sufferings may come so as to have the gain of deep and stable roots for the most severe timesoftrouble which the majority of this world as in {99%} is in no way prepared for spiritually, mentally or physically.


What happened to Paul is suppose to be a lesson taught to all believers worldwide today because what he went through is going to happen to us all in one way or another; and because God’s words are true, it’s a very strong promise without any doubt whatsoeverà but just as everything according to this world of religious know it all people---out of context---but when all are burning {suffering} through the coming years without God’s mercyà only then, the hard way, will they learn the truth they chose to reject while hating who delivered it; and within this bookà all who believe in God will come across His very strong, pure and true warnings written with no confusion whatsoever because thy word is truth.


Job is another lesson from God in all he suffered beginning with the loss of all of his possessions regarding many thousands in herds; and then came a messenger to tell Job of the death of his seven sons and three daughters---So here, Job, one of the wealthiest men on earth hears of himself losing everythingà So what did Job do and speak?

“Then Job arose, and rent his mantle, and shaved his head, and fell down upon the ground, and worshipped, And said, naked came I out of my mother's womb, and naked shall I return thither: the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord. In all this Job sinned not, nor charged God foolishly. {Job 1:20-22}

And then, through an unwritten time periodà Satan got permission from God once again to put suffering in the life of Job as he became covered with painful boils from head too toe which actually disfigured him while having a spouse telling him to just curse God and dieà and accompanied will be your world of friends and acquaintances who prove themselves to be completely false liars, judges and hypocritesà I mean if Job and Paul had false brethren, what makes us any better?  And through everything that Job went throughà we all as the human race could all go through the same because the massive darkness of life itself which has been in the shadows for decades is about to come into the light for all to see, bow down to and obeyà But if we can be as Job while keeping our faith through these coming storms of the greatest magnitude which go far beyond the minds of manà our rewards will become very great. 


One note which bears such great importance for the minds of all to think on is the fact that Satan had to have God’s permission take from Job his sons, daughters and wealth; and time passed, once again Satan had to have permission to cover Job with painful boils; and the reason we all must realize is because even though Satan is the god of this world and the father of lies, it was God who created him for a purpose to use as a tool for testing the faith of individuals who will become part of His government. {Isaiah 9:6-7} Therefore when we as believers go through many struggles while always keeping our faith, and the more struggles that we may have over periods through many years, the better our rewards will be within the kingdom of God because He has been watching and preparing us to stand strong within the coming great tribulation; and much description you will find in this book that you really need to think about in deep ways while reading them as if placing yourself in the midst of what they say---because that is where the many of this sad world shall find themselves with no way out; and this book is no bull spit, not to scare anyone, nor for money that will for sure become very worthlessà But rather only giving all a chance to still make a decision on what they should and can do before its too late.

“Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ. {1 Corinthians 11:1}-{KJV}

“PATTERN YOURSELVES after me [follow my example], as I imitate and follow Christ (the Messiah). {Amplified Bible}



You’re guaranteed Future and not a picture show.


Even though God tells all what they can expect, He also tells them they have been deceived while even adding words that a world of believers don’t understand or believe which speak clearly in very easy to read words which absolutely no one can hear. 

                                                                                                                                                                                           “There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. {Proverbs 16:25}


In the end because Job kept his faith no matter what happenedà God blessed Job's later life even more than his earlier life. He ended up with fourteen thousand sheep, six thousand camels, one thousand teams of oxen, and one thousand donkeys. He also had seven sons and three daughters. He named the first daughter Dove, the second, Cinnamon, and the third, Darkeyes. There was not a woman in that country as beautiful as Job's daughters. Their father treated them as equals with their brothers, providing the same inheritance.


The more that we suffer now while keeping our faith, the stronger we will stand through faith while knowing that our end will be even greater than our beginning. Right now God is still giving a chance to those who choose His spiritual strength to stand strong in this coming nightmare.   


Another lesson for every human being comes through Elijah who was hungry with no food to eat in a time of famine when there was none to be found, bought or had; and he has taught us all a very valuable experience through faith and how only God can provide our needs in 1 Kings 17:8-16 while also teaching us that through our firm true and genuine faith only God can seeà we also can return breath to those who have become non living in verses 17-24. As for myselfàà I take every word of God very personal, very serious and with very much faith because they were not written as out of context dust in the wind to a world of believers within the fogs of deception. Do you understand what true faith is? Christ spoke these words for all who want to examine themselves and their own faith;


“Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father. {John 14:12}


Therefore faith is firmly knowing without question or doubt that you shall do exactly as your Head speaksà if you are truly of His body as a group or assembly which means church rather than a building of manà because you trust only Him with confidence due the factà “Thy word is truth, pure, tried & written with no confusion” à So to believe means having the faith in knowing that “The Word” is our only means of direct communication with Godà But to man and his massive mega uncountable religionsà everything is either out of contextà written for the Jewsà or just any man made conclusion with confusion they can muster which excuses themselves from living by every word of God as they label and accurse those whose heart would not even beat without God to pump onlyàHIS WORDS AS ITS BLOOD FLOW FOR LIFE ITSELFà because they have absolutely no other life whatsoever other than becoming fully prepared for God’s use during these times of the endà yet we are of the devil according to the religions of man’s superiority because they all follow their own heads with the spirit of man as their lead who is led by the father of lies who they trust and look to through their own blinded darkness while teaching all believers to do as they do.


Another lesson from God that man through all of his false doctrines which God forbids believers to hear or participate in completely fails to teach is the great value with meaning for us all in the book of Daniel chapter three regarding Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego; and the reasons concern every living human being on earth as you are reading these wordsà and that is because once again the fiery furnace is being turned up to even greater temperatures than the seven times hotter it was made because of the kings anger against the three men who would not obey him to worship his image with the whole point being that through their very strong and unwavering faith they chose to burn {suffer} before they would ever {mark of the beast} worship any other godà and in this world of believers todayà all have many other gods they are not even aware of because they do not strive to live by every word of Godà but rather believe their pagan ways which are okay because it’s the way of man; and all religious people can’t be wrong just because God says this whole world has been deceived. In other words, all just reject what God speaks; and for any believers to stop reading here, they are not even giving themselves truths from God which they will all need to survive through these coming years. {Daniel 3:8-30} Say you will be snatched away in some man made fairy tale pre tribulation rapture because you have been saved and are too good for suffering? Tell that to the billions who have always suffered including the billions of children who are suffering right now. I could include a chapter on the truths of the rapture, but the chapter would be longer than this entire book, and I am out to change no one, their beliefs, or argueà so because I am just doing my job as God leadsà all can just believe whatever they choose because through these years almost upon usàà everyone is going to learn truth the hard way. 


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