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Cycles; Avoiding Needless Suffering and Affliction


      Cycles are repeated by the informant. Cycles do not need to be repeated but are to show that it has happened before and have the likelihood if you do not take countermeasures. Cycles do not need to be repeated where you are wise enough to be informed on matters; these should be the expected results of the ignorant and uninformed.
If you know of a possible cycle and you do nothing to change it from where you are then you are responsible for all of whom are and will be effected. The repeated cycle is preventable for those that know him, unless you prefer disaster, chaos and turmoil; the accountability and responsibility that will follow you will be greater than your goodness and deeds. You are responsible for the repeating of cycles and by all means should know better. Sounds harsh, but this is where we are today.
   Many read scripture and fear of getting in the way of the Lord, getting in the way of his plans that are prophesied to happen. However, this is leaning on our own thinking, for it is not God's desire that we be ignorant nor is it his desire that we suffer through prophetic times because of his plans. In contrary, it is that we can know what will be and can take measures to not be a part of what is to happen, and that we deter it from happening where we have his knowledge. Many believe that we are to knowingly suffer needlessly, but I disagree with this theory.
Matthew Chapter 24: 9    "Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated by all nations because of me."
    For a moment, ponder how this could occur here if an entire nation stands against such tragedy. The above would still happen, but just not here. Let it be said, "Americans know the Lord" and that this is why they do not seem to be affected by what is happening today.
     If you do not make change and allow for freedoms like worship, basically you tell the Father human rights do not matter. Does not the word of God speak of defending rights and does one propose that God will not step in when man takes what is his, like worship? If stopping cycles from being repeated and change is not needed then why did our Father send his Son? TO MAKE CHANGE! We are all held accountable for what is ahead that you may not even know about; all that stems from inaction is what we will be accountable for. Here you have a choice, stupidity, ignorance, destruction and suffering or better choices lead by wisdom leading you to preservation and the keeping of yourselves and family; as God has provided this protection through his word and his knowledge; not our own perceptions as to what this is.
   Suffering is not meant for those who love God and his Son, but for those who refuse him. So my question to you is why are you allowing it to happen? Your Father does not want you to suffer.
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yalanda | Tue Jan 10, 2012, 17:01

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God Allowed Christ to suffer for us, and expected Christians to suffer as well, as the Bible says "count it all joy as you go through various trials" James 1:2, and Jesus instructed us to "take up your cross and follow Me, "Matthew 16:24-26.

We can either suffer for Christ where we would be rewarded with eternal life or suffer in vain for doing wrong 1 Peter 2:20 

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