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   [17 Aug 2011 | Wednesday]




I am contagious. That’s what I understand. I am a carrier and if you get too close to me there is a possibility that you also might become infected. From what I can clearly understand what I am carrying in my body is transmissible by either direct or even indirect contact. And it is so highly contagious that it can spread quickly if you happen to be around me very long. From what I have been told it has lain dormant within my being for a long time, but over the past few years has started to rise up and now is seemingly to propel me towards its goal. And there is only one thing that can destroy what I have. Periodically it causes a rush to flow through me that causes my head to spin. Not literally because I do not need an exorcism. Yet, I can feel the surge. It makes me weep, laugh, dance, jump for joy, provides me with visions and dreams and at times propels me into a different dimension than I have ever been before. Now before I go further allow me to let you in on what I am contagious with. It is called “faith”. And the only known enemy of what I carry within me is a disease called “unbelief”. Now, let’s talk.


Not everyone has what many of us carry within us. I am referring to those in the body of Christ. If you recall even the men who followed Jesus had so little of it operating within them. And when asked why they themselves could not cast out devils or see the kinds of miracles which Jesus did He often rebuked them for their unbelief. Isn’t it amazing that they could rub shoulders with the Son of God and even struggle themselves with unbelief. They could see the dead raised, lepers cleansed, the blind see, the deaf hear, the lame leap for joy and then doubt within their heart. Don’t get too high and mighty because everyone of us at times has struggled with the same thing.
I like reading periodically online The Drudge Report. It carries headlines from around the world. Some make me laugh and others which make me shake my head. I chuckled when I read of a study which was done in Australia of 11,000 participants on how watching one hour of television caused an individual to lose 22 minutes off their life. The article went on to state that it actually was not television watching which caused the problem, but the lack of physical activity during that one hour. I’m not certain if that works with Americans or not. But it got me to thinking. I’m not against television, I have one in my home, actually two. Let me watch the wrong thing and my spirit man is affected. Even, if I watch so so-called “Christian television”. To be honest there are some programs on religious channels that are piped into my home via my satellite dish which I have to cut off because they are not feeding my inner man the necessary food which will cause me to become what I need to become for God. Even as believers you and I have to very careful to what we are allowing to enter our homes through our television. There is a particular man on television today who the length of his prayer over you in his service is determined by how much you drop in the offering plate. How I wonder do people become so gullible in this society? It is because of the lack of truth which is being given from pulpits in America. There will be a day when shepherds over God’s sheep will have to give account of what we have spoken into the lives of those who set before us week after week. I tremble on the inside when I think about that. The pulpit is not a play thing. It is not a place to be a clown. It is a place where the only thing that will feed my faith is to be given and that is God’s word.
How contagious are you? Honestly it depends on how much of God’s word you are feeding your spirit man. We are in an hour in our world and even on God’s time calendar whereby it is not a time for you and me to be weak. Pressures like you and I have never before imagined are upon this society. The enemy is unloading his biggest guns which have been reserved for this final hour. He has targeted the body of Christ. His goal is to destroy our faith. His mission is to see that we stay as weak and anemic as we possibly can be. The enemy fears a waking church that will become contagious with faith more than he fears anything else. For he knows if we operate in faith then his kingdom can be conquered. I declare that it is time for every one of us to be infected by God’s word. It is time to feed our faith and starve our doubts. It does not matter if you are 10 or 110, God is no respecter of people, He is a respecter of faith. And faith comes one way and one way only, by hearing God’s word. If necessary read God’s word out loud to yourself. Listen to faith building sermons on cd. Find you some faith teachers and preachers on the radio or television, get yourself in a faith building church, but for your sake get God’s word inside. When you do you will begin to walk in victory, “…this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith” (1 John 5:4 KJV)!!!
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