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   [15 Aug 2011 | Monday]

Radical Men




This past Friday I left off blogging as I attended my 4th Manpower conference in Dallas at The Potter’s House. Over 8000 men gathered from around the world to the 18th annual conference hosted by Bishop T.D. Jakes. And was it awesome. The presence of God could be felt. Men of every race were shouting, dancing, praising God, worshipping, giving high-fives, hugging and having a great time of learning new insights and gaining fresh revelation from God’s word on how to be better men in a broken society. I’ve become hooked on these conferences and will attend each year as God enables me. Next year I plan on taking men out of our own congregation. I have learned as a pastor when men get on fire for God hell trembles and shakes because the devil knows that a God-focused man is a dangerous man.
Allow me on this blog at the start of another week to simply give you a few highlights from what I picked up this past weekend. Bishop Jakes began on Thursday evening preaching out of the Old Testament book of Ezekiel. He spoke about the four faces of God which Ezekiel said that he saw in a vision. The Bishop likened those four faces to what men are to represent. He spoke of how many men have lost their roar which the lion possesses. The ox is the burden-bearer. The eagle has vision and can see further and fly higher. Then there was the face of the man. When you place all three faces into the face of a God-fearing man that individual because a man of strength, ability, vision and power that can then move in the direction God calls him to move in without fear or intimidation. If ever there was a day that our nation needs those kinds of men this is the moment and the hour. Friday morning Apostle Ron Carpenter from the state of South Carolina spoke out of the book of Exodus on the ingredients of what God told Moses to mix for the anointing that was placed on the priests. The first being myrrh which represented bitterness. Things which do not taste good that an individual will walk through in order to come under the anointing of God’s Spirit. Yet, he said, when you read the ingredients found in Exodus chapter 30, there was also “sweet cane” because in the midst of the bitterness the Holy Spirit always comes through with that which makes the journey sweeter. The glory fell in the building following his message as men found themselves being swept over by the Spirit of God as He began to lift some burdens off men’s shoulder’s who had come to the conference. What a site it was to not only participate in, but behold. Dr. Bill Winston followed with a powerful word as well. It was like a one-two punch of the Holy Spirit as the glory was lingering in the sanctuary. God was giving fresh revelation. And fresh revelation will bring restoration which will then produce revolution.
Saturday morning Dr. Samuel Rodriguez, head of the national Hispanic conference was fired up. His text was Genesis chapter eight and he referenced the raven and the dove which Noah released following the flood upon this earth. The raven, he said, represented “dead things”. The dove represented “new beginnings”.  Once again the Spirit of God was speaking about being anointed for Dr. Rodriguez said, when the olive is squeezed, (because the dove returned to Noah with an olive branch in its beak), out of a squeezed olive comes oil and oil is a type of the Holy Spirit. As I listened I could sense within my spirit that God is raising up a new breed of men from across this nation that He is placing His hand on for this hour. Men who will be bold, unapologetic for their passion for Christ, strong yet humble, leaders yet servants, men who have their roar back, that will see further than other men, who will help lift burdens off others and who will allow God to place His anointing upon their lives in a fresh and new way.
I’m glad obviously that I made it to the conference this year. Stepping into a new leadership role that God has laid in my lap is a position where what I learned over this past weekend I will definitely need in the days, weeks and months to come. But, I also believe, as I have begun to witness over the past several weeks within my own congregation, God is bringing me men who will also be the same. I have always been a believer that what you have in the pulpit you will have in the pew because “like produces like”. I look out over a new work for God and I see men beginning to come through our doors that even now fit into the category of what I heard God speaking to my heart over the past few days. How exciting that is. Men who God will use to reach out not just to a city, but a county and radically affect it for the glory of God.  
If you read this as a man today I challenge you to get yourself into the position whereby God can place His Spirit fresh and new on your life. Get fresh revelation inside your spirit man of what God wants to do through you. This is our hour. In the void of leadership within a nation God is raising up a new breed of Joseph like men that have been through the fire, but who have come through victoriously and will walk like kings in victory and vision in these last days. Be that man. People all around you need that from you today!!!
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