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   [08 Aug 2011 | Monday]

Do Experiences Produce Faith?



It was a Christian television program I had tuned in to on Saturday evening of last week before retiring to bed for the night. I wanted to wind down from a busy day of various activities and calm my spirit for the Sunday service that was upon me. I caught the tail end of the program and had viewed this particular show from time to time. On Saturday evening the host had two veteran preachers. I had heard both before. As the show was coming to a conclusion, the host looked into the camera and said, “Tune in next week as Rev.(So and So) shares some exciting experiences of God working through him that will build your faith”. I talked back to the screen on the television set, “No they won’t”. I have that bad habit when I hear something coming across one of the programs I watch on occasion. Yet, to be honest, most people would rather hear about experiences than to hear what actually brings faith into your life and mine. Are experiences not encouraging? That is not what I am talking about, because they are. Experiences of God’s help in each of our lives encourage my faith, they inspire my faith, and they help my faith along. But, faith does not come through experiences. Let me prove it if I may.


The apostle Paul in writing to the church at Rome stated this when it came to getting faith into our lives. “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God”. (Romans 10:17 KJV) Notice Paul never said faith comes through experiences. I have had many of them. But they did not produce faith within me. Only the hearing of God’s word. And hearing God’s word can come through several vehicles. I can hear the word preached from a pulpit. I can hear God’s word preached through a cd or dvd. I and hear God’s word spoken through my own lips as I stand in faith against obstacles that stand in my pathway.  
It is not wrong for you and me to talk about what we have seen God do in and through each one of us. We are called to be an encourager to each other. God has met many of us is some very unique and unusual ways undoubtedly. Perhaps He has healed us, sustained us, provided for us, guided us, rescued us, and even delivered us. I can imagine what those who gathered around the three Hebrew boys when they were brought out of the fire talked about for several days following the miraculous intervention by the power of God. This was a jaw-dropping deliverance. I can imagine what people talked about when Daniel was brought up from a den of lion’s having spent the night with those wild creatures. The entire community must have been buzzing with excitement. Who of us would not have been? I can see in my mind’s eye the men of Israel gathering around David following the killing of the giant and patting him on the back full of excitement. They went back to their work as soldier’s perhaps talking about that experience for quite some time. It is true all three of these had experiences. But, prior to the experience they all had faith in God.
Perhaps I write today to people facing things in your life you never dreamed you would have to face. Sickness, diseases, financial lack, marital difficulties, job loss, or a whole host of other difficulties and problems. Honestly, when mountains stand in my pathway I don’t want to call anyone I know and see what they experience was when they saw God come through for them. I want to hear from god Himself. I do that through His word. And the word has the answers for all our situations. So, if I may allow me to give you a bit of practical advice as we start out the week together. No matter what you’re facing take your bible and search the scripture for answers. If you need healing, find scriptures that talk about the healing power of God, write them down and speak them forth from your mouth. If it is financial lack locate in God’s word where it talks about God meeting our need and do the same. What happens when you begin to speak God’s word? Faith comes. Faith works. Faith is built. The atmosphere around you is charged with the word of God. Doubt has to step backwards. Fear has to cringe. And the devil has to tremble when he sees the saints of God standing on the word of God that will not fail and will surly bring the answers to pass. The devil does not mind when we talk of our experiences with God to others. That does not worry him at all. But, hell shakes when the body of Christ begins to rise up and talk like God talks. For, it is then that faith begins to open heaven’s door upon our lives and results begin to follow.
I challenge you today, talk faith. Talk the word. Talk like God. And when we do you and I will soar on eagle’s wings. Come on let’s fly together!!!!
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