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Respect is the Best form of Love...Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

What could be more valuable then a Master's or Doctor's Degree?! Our 1000th Thnks John for being so eager in celebratin' my 1000th blog! And we pray that God inspire us once again to do and say what is fittin'! And the ideal and fact that this milestone come in the day of celebratin' the civil right movemnt' on Martin Luther Kings Holiday, I'm more excited and really happy that God has not run out of ideas on what meal to prepare for his 1000th blog!... And we want to take a topic that talks about respect! Respect is something so wonderful and I wondered how is to something biblical?! And before takin' that topic we want to thank God who has doted John with the ability and wisdom and grace to start, plan, develop, run and manage this site! I really don't see how any could of been possible if not for this site?!... And God could of picked another Jerry to put together another site by another site and do the work there?! But the way God has taught is respect each other here is the...has been the key to success here for everyone! And here we don't always agree on what the doctrine of grace is, or what is the outline of hte best way to explain the gospel?!... But though difficult to comprend how forbearing those who we think is the real essence of the teachin' of Christ?! But God inspired Paul to write that God visited us will we were still sinners, lost, without hope, or chance of anything good!... And topic about how come King David had many wives or Solomon had I think 300?! And Jesus that marriage is between one man and one woman! But we don't get away because once the children come we have community! Of two at first, then we are three, then four and then six and for some twelve and you don't want to go family of twelve!... And there was a time when large families was the norm! And I suppose that God wanted that that way because there was a time when we still had values and even those of our teenagers went makin' songs about love and havin' peace!... And it was a time when we won the major wars against those who wanted to oppress in the world and we had oldies music and they will never depart from our heart!... But when we look at it, even we never open the bible, respect is so potable in human circles and it strickly essential to keep society going in nation and the whole world!... In one corner we have or learn civic and learn how to be good citizen who abide by laws, in another place we have ethic where the workplace can conduct business in fair way, it some other plane we have values we learn in the nuclear family that we should learn manners and how to get alone with brothers and sisters! And still another planet we have moral we learn at church and we learn that that the wages of sin is death!... And in the family if we don't learn respect there we end up in the street! In society if we don't learn the rules there we end up in jail or even death by injection! In the job we learn poverty if we don't learn to respect our fellow workers and company guidelines!... In chuch we learn morals and the wages of sin is death and learn responsibility! And in every aspect of society, and even if never heard of Christ, every one know that God requires respect to keep the world going!... And if we do not learn anything in this site, but learn respect, we pretty time well acquired the most valuable lesson on how to get along with the imperfect!... And on the Eve of the Martin Luther king Jr. Holiday, who are the best freinds? The best children? The best students? The best teachers? The best citizens? The best freinds? The best of all are those who understand and have courtesy and repect and forgive us along the way for being helpless like God forgave us while we were pigs!... On this Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday, what a perfect time to thank God and John and this site for teaching is to bless and bless each other with respect and givin' us time and space to come our our error!... May God have ever all the praise and ALL the GLORY for respectin' our helplessness!... Love Frank thbg BSOM Respect when I was a child and then a Child of God!!! thbg
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