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   [02 Aug 2011 | Tuesday]

Someone Is Pulling The Reins



Wow, can you believe that already on the calendar August is here. Time is zooming by. Before long school will start, and just think fall is around the corner. I was looking at my calendar for this month and this is going to be a very much month. Yet, the Spirit of God is speaking to my heart about busyness. Honestly, I can find things to do. But that is not what I am to do I know. There is a sense within my spirit that even though the month is crammed full I am to take time to come apart into the presence of the Father and receive my marching orders for the remainder of the year. I have learned that if the devil cannot make me bad, he will make me busy. And in my desire to work for God I may miss golden opportunities to work with God if I am caught up in stuff. The stuff I am involved with this month is not bad at all. Yet I do not want to be guilty of running ahead when I should be walking in tandem with the Holy Spirit.


There are some exciting things happening in the congregation of which my wife and I have the wonderful privilege of being pastor of. The Holy Spirit is sending us people who we know have destiny upon their lives. Our vision is to gather up the fragments of broken lives and watch as the Holy Spirit puts them back together again and uses them all in a mighty way. I am a product of a broken ruined life that the Holy Spirit picked back up, cleaned up, restored and gave me another opportunity. If He can do it for me He can do it for anyone. That is what excites my heart. Yet, more than anyone I realize that I am not smart enough to do what God is asking me to do. I have this deep sense within my inner man that what I am seeing is way bigger than what I can imagine. I feel a stretching inside. How do I keep from getting wrapped up in busy work? How to I keep myself in check? How do I make sure my spirit man is clear from debris and distractions so that I can hear the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to me? Let me see if I can provide some answers.
God wants to speak to every one of us and I am convinced that He does. It is often we have not learned to recognize that it is His voice. I speak to myself. The devil speaks to me. And, God talks. Honestly, it is hard to distinguish between the three. But, here is what I know. My voice and the devil’s voice will take me away from my goals and plans, the voice of God will keep me focused. The voice of God keeps me in check. The voice of God is not loud, brash, or pushy. Way more than any of us can imagine His voice is quite and still. Am I saying I actually hear God’s voice? Not always. Sometimes it is simply an impression. Other times it is a nudge. At times He has not said a word yet I know He is leading and directing which causes me to walk by faith and not by sight. How do we get our self into the position to be able to hear? I think it boils down to what the Psalmist wrote when he penned, “Be still and know that I am God…”(Psalm 46:10 KJV)
Do you find it is hard to be still? I do. Yet, that is exactly the time I must. For if I do not then I start to push myself. I am a type “A” personality. I am goal driven. I like to achieve. I enjoy winning. I am a competitor. I give 100% in order to come out on top. I have been in the past like a race horse at the starting blocks ready to burst out and run. But, this time I cannot be like that. This time it is not about me. This time is not what I can achieve. This time it is not trying to climb the ladder of success. This time the Holy Spirit is drawing me to come aside and hear His voice. To silence all other sounds. To learn how to trust. To learn not, to lean to my own understanding and try to figure everything out. To learn to rest. Do you realize how hard that is for a former driven man? Extremely.  Yet that is where I am being drawn. Into a warm embrace. A safe harbor. A secure position. A place where the Spirit of God can speak through (1) the word to my heart,(2) through people around me, (3) through situations I face, and (4) quite inner nudging that I have learned how to key in on. But, to do any of those I have to learn to “be still”.
How about you? Is God trying to talk to your heart? Is the voice of God speaking to you over things you are facing at this very moment? Perhaps like me you as well need to become still. To be quite for a moment or maybe longer. To take the word of God and get alone somewhere and simply listen. Listen with your heart. Listen with your inner ear. Simeon was led by the Spirit into the temple, Luke wrote. Anna did not come by accident. She was directed because she was listening. We can be as well. Refuse to get caught up with simply being busy. Slow down. Wait. Listen. Then act on what God is telling you to do and fruit will be your reward!!!
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