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Isaiah 58

A Review of Isaiah 58
by Keith E Gardner
Always using the King James Bible


Isaiah 58:1

In verse 1 the LORD is instructing His called and chosen to take His word to the world.  In doing this the LORD will make certain that along with the lost of the world His called and chosen will also get His word to all of His elect: Isaiah 43:20.  In Isaiah 43:20 the field represents the world while the beast represents the elect of God who have not yet been called by God.  We can know that the beast represents the elect of God because the LORD speaks of them singularly.  If He were speaking of all the people of the world, elect and lost, He would have said beasts.  We also know the LORD very often speaks of the world as the field.  Reading Isaiah 43:20 carefully you will see the LORD says “The beast of the field shall honour me”.  This is further proof the beast are the elect of God as the lost will never honor God, even as they face their end: Revelation 16:21.  Looking at Isaiah 58:1 with these facts in mind we should recognize the tie between Isaiah 58:1 and Isaiah 43:20.

Isaiah 58:2

In verse 2 the LORD continues to speak of His.  These are all those who are newly called and chosen of God.  They are learning the ways of our Lord GOD with great zeal and enthusiasm.  Although we know we are all sinners we also know we have been saved by the grace of God: Ephesians 2:8-9.  Therefore we go forth unto this world righteously, in the sight of the LORD, learning of Him and doing His will.  As the called and chosen of God we will always diligently seek to know everything the LORD will share with us.  We will also continually plead with Him for the blessing of the gifts of wisdom, understanding and knowledge that we will know how we are to proceed from one day and one situation to the next.

Isaiah 58:3-4

In verses 3 and 4 the LORD is still speaking to His and He is beginning to teach us how we are to approach Him.  He tells us in verse 3 our fasting is not truly a fast unto the LORD.  For we still do the things we enjoy and we even continue with all of our daily routines.

In verse 4 the LORD continues as He says “…ye fast for strife and debate, and to smite with the fist of wickedness”.  This is evident as the called and chosen of God feel they have been wronged and their reaction is to strike back by pleading with God for undue revenge.  We must remember the LORD sees and knows all things.  Therefore we have only to voice our concerns to the LORD and He will handle all things.  So fasting solely for the purpose of revenge ought not to be done.  We are to fast to show our thanks giving, praise and honor to the LORD.

Isaiah 58:5-7

In verses 5 thru 7 the LORD is giving us His definition of a fast.  In verse 5 the LORD opens with the question; “Is it such a fast that I have chosen?”  Upon reading the rest of verse 5 it should become clear to you the traditionally accepted notion of a fast is a misunderstanding of the truth of God.

The LORD opens verse 6 with “Is not this the fast that I have chosen?” Please make no mistake.  This statement is referring to verses 6 and 7.  Our Lord GOD is saying verse 5 is not the fast the LORD desires but, verses 6 and 7 are.  Look at Matthew 9:14-15 and you will see this explained once again.  In this excerpt of scripture the LORD explains to John’s disciples this very concept.  In this parable the children of the bridegroom are the called and chosen and the bridegroom is the Christ.  After the earthly demise of the Christ, did His apostles continually fast? No, they did not however they did aggressively begin to take His word unto the world: John 21:15-17.  In John 21:15-17 we see the LORD repeatedly telling Peter to feed His sheep.  Peter here is representative of the called and chosen of the LORD while the sheep are all the elect of God.  Reading the remainder of verses 6 and 7 we can see this is all the language of salvation.  Bringing the poor that are cast out to thy house simply means to take the gospel to the poor in spirit.  If they are elect of God they will become rich in spirit and they will enter our house; the holy heaven of God.  When we see the naked if they are the elect of God we can clothe them with the righteousness of the Christ: Isaiah 61:10.  This is the fast the true children of God are to undertake with all of their being.

Isaiah 58:8-10

In verse 8 the LORD is explaining to us the true glory of His salvation.  It is not the purpose of His called and chosen to fast and beg for things for themselves for we are already rich.  It is our purpose to do as He has instructed us in verses 6 and 7, then He will bring His glory upon us as He has promised in verse 8.  Thus we see the glory of the LORD will be our rereward.

In verse 9 the LORD is telling us if we live as He has described in verses 6 and 7, He will bless us as He has said in verse 8; then we will be as obedient children unto Him.  We see in verse 9 that He will respond to our call and cater to our cry however, He requires that we avoid the ways of the world.

In verse 10 the LORD is telling us we must persevere in our endeavors to take His will through His word to the world.  The hungry of the world are all those who have no knowledge of the one true God.  The afflicted souls are afflicted because they have no knowledge of His truth however, it has been given unto the called and chosen of God to enlighten both those elect of God and those lost to God.  If we do as we are instructed, if you are elect of God you will do as you are instructed: Jonah 1-3, then we will grow in grace.

Isaiah 58:11

In verse 11 the LORD is telling us of His rerewards toward His called and chosen.  He will bless us as He desires and the blessings will be glorious.

Isaiah 58:12

“And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places” is the LORD showing us how the process will flow.  He is saying “they that shall be of thee” are all the elect of God whom you, as one who is called and chosen, have bought unto God.  These then will become called and chosen and they will “build the old waste places” or bring more of the elect of God unto the LORD.  This way the called and chosen of God will “raise up the foundations of many generations” unto the LORD; henceforth comes the name “The restorer of the breach, The restorer of the paths to dwell in”.

Isaiah 58:13-14

In verses 13 and 14 the LORD is simply telling us if we chose His way and we walk as He desires we walk and if we will honor, obey, love and fear Him He will direct our paths.  He will make all things right before us and He will keep us from trials and temptations which would overcome us: Isaiah 42:16.

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