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   [31 Jul 2011 | Sunday]

The Life of a City Girl in a Small Town : 1

Hello again! Well, as you can tell, this is probably not going to be a daily blog. I have been rather busy and haven't made the time to write another one. But I have finally found the time! So, here is another blog!

So, since the last post there has been quite a bit that has gone on!  This weekend my dad’s parents came to our house. They came down to see my cousins new baby boy. My family went over and I was able to hold the 10 day old little baby boy He was adorable! I also got to play with her 4 year old son, who is growing up to be a big boy!
At church today the pastor said something that really struck me as very true. He said “Happiness is a choice” and it really is! You can choose to let that person who cut you off ruin your day or you can brush it off and move on. You can let a break up continue to ruin your life, or you can wake up and realize that they are not worth your time anymore and CHOOSE to be happy!
But enough about my life! Now for some more facts about small town living!
Fact one: not many people are in a rush to get to where they are going, so take your time and as long as you are at least going the speed limit you should be fine! I like this traffic much better because if you miss a small opening in the traffic they don’t immediately start honking at you.
Fact two: The people don’t bite (well… not that I have experienced, lol). They are very friendly people and may even say “Hi” to you as you pass in the local Wal-Mart. As long as you are not too terrifically shy you should make friends quite easily!
If you have any questions about the adjusting or anything else relevant to the blog please feel free to ask! I would love to know that I have people actually reading this other than the friends I force to read it.
Anyway, I am going to call it a night. Good night and God bless all!
Mood: happy
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