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   [29 Jul 2011 | Friday]

Leaderless Leaders



I have not watched much of the debate that is going on now in our nation’s capital. Everyone once in awhile I will tune into a news station on television and hear all the babble that is filtering out to the nation and more and more realize that we as American’s have elected in good faith men and women to represent us in Washington who simply cannot lead. In fact, in my spirit I hear the words “leaderless leaders”. I don’t know if I have made that up, or if honestly the Holy Spirit has dropped it into my heart. But, when I look at the mess our country is in I lean more towards the fact that the Spirit of God has whispered it to my spirit. There is a void in our nation. But it is not just in Washington. It stretches from one coast to the other and from border to border. And it is not simply among politicians. It is in every walk of life.


Real leaders lead. They do not wet their finger and stick it in the wind to see which way they need to go in order to be politically correct. In fact, real leaders do not have to be PC. They often make decisions which are not popular. They may ruffle a few feathers, as the old saying goes. Not everyone will be in agreement with decisions that they make. But, real leaders lead.
America has had its great leaders throughout history, both men and women. Israel had theirs. The book of Judges in the Old Testament lists many of them. For example, there was Othniel, the nephew of Caleb. If you are not familiar with Caleb it was he and Joshua who was the only two that were allowed to go into the land of Caanan with the new breed of Israelites after their parents died after disobeying God in the wilderness. Imagine having an uncle like that. Talk about bedtime stories. There was Deborah. The Bible calls her a prophetess. The anointing of God was upon her to lead.
Gideon was another great leader. He did not believe in himself, but God did. Space does not permit me to keep going. You need to read the Old Testament book of Judges for yourself. There were some interesting leaders whom God chose to place over His people Israel. And they led in some very strange ways. Not one of them was PC.
Let me list for you some things I believe real leaders are and do. My list is not exhausted. Much more can be added to it. I do not write for the benefit of our nation, but for the church. For I know, if the Spirit of God can start with the church and get us in line with heaven our voice can and will become once again powerful enough to cause America to perhaps listen once again. Here goes.
First of all, real leaders are human. They are tall, short, skinny and plump. They bleed. They carry pain. They have been through various trials and come out victoriously on the other side. They walk with a limp. They have had failure in their lives, but it does not make them a failure.  Secondly, real leaders know they can’t do everything. They are not superhuman. They have feet of clay. They are aware of their shortcomings, even if others are not. They know it takes team effort to accomplish goals. Thirdly, real leaders honor God. With their time, their money, their lives. Fourth, real leaders are people of faith. They walk to heaven’s beat, not earth’s dictates. They do not take their cue from the Babylonian system. Their eyes are on God. Fifth, real leaders are not afraid to lead. They do not have to bepopular.They know their calling. They stand faithfully in their particular calling. And they point in the direction for people to go.
There is a void of real leaders in this society from the White House to the church house. No wonder the word of God plainly teaches that in this hour of leaderless leaders will there emerge on the scene a person who will seem to have all the right answers. The world is looking. The world is longing. The world is ready. You and I are at that hour right now. Behind the curtain waiting for their cue stands an individual with hell’s touch and they will be welcomed with open arms. But, until that time the Spirit of God is raising up an army of real leaders all across this land. Both men and women, of all races. God is no respecter of persons. He is a respecter of faith. And they have it. They are daring. They are bold. They are fearless. They lead. I want to join their group. I want to side with their cause. I want to become a real leader in today’s leaderless society!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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