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   [25 Jul 2011 | Monday]

Stop Looking Back!!!!!



The statement had been hammered into me as a young person that even now at my age at times like a boomerang it will fly back at me with the fear it was meant to generate. The statement was written by Moses as he was instructing soldiers about to go into battle and conqueror an enemy. Yet, out of context the statement, when as a youngster I would not do everything right as I was supposed to do, would often hear, “…be sure your sin will find you out”(Numbers 32:23 KJV). That is one of the most often used statements by many legalistic, religious individuals using God’s word to manipulate people to think and act like they feel that we should. Do I believe my sin will find me out? No I do not. Let me explain before some of you think I have just committed the unpardonable sin and have written blasphemous words.


As a New Testament believer, walking in obedience to God’s word, and doing what it ask me to do my heart does not condemn me. Therefore, knowing I have repented of my past, and am now walking in the liberty of the Spirit of God, my past is covered with the powerful blood of Jesus Christ. So, for me to go and confess past sins before the Throne would be ludicrous. There are no past sins! If, God’s word is true and I absolutely believe that it is, the sins of the past are gone. I am no longer held guilty before God for them. Let me give you chapter and verse. “For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more”(Hebrews 8:12 KJV). Did you catch the last two words of that verse, NO MORE? They are powerful. Yet, so true. No, your sin will not find you out once under the blood of Jesus. No you won’t be held accountable for your past when you stand before God. The legalist may try and control you. The religious world might even place you in bondage. The gospel is good news not bad news. And the good news is, under the blood of Jesus Christ we are free.
Why are so many in the body of Christ still walking around looking over their shoulder waiting for the shoe to drop? Because, first of all, they do not know God’s word, and secondly, they do not know their standing in God as a redeemed child. Therefore they live in bondage to man and an unhealthy fear of a Heavenly Father. Their hearts still condemn them. There is no peace within their life. They are constantly asking forgiveness for the same things they have repented of time and time again. And wonder why there is absolutely no joy and liberty operating within their own heart and life.
Let me set the record straight for you if I may. There are times I am disobedient to the word of God. There are those times I am not as loving as kind as I should be. I know that is hard to imagine for some(lol). Or thoughts have raced across my mind which I know were not pleasing to the Father.  Have I lost my standing in God? Am I out of fellowship with Him? Is the umbilical cord cut between me and heaven’s supply of grace? Not on your life! I did not beg my earthly father to forgive me after I had disobeyed his orders. And neither do I my Heavenly Father. Hard to imagine? I understand. It has taken me a long time in coming to the understanding that heaven is for me and not against me.
Are you perhaps walking in disobedience today in your own life? Does your heart condemn you over your actions? Perhaps you do need to repent. All that means is “turn around and go in a different direction”. Don’t look back. There is nothing behind you. Your future does not lie in where you have been, but in where you are going. Our past is not relevant to God. Only our future. So start right now. Make any changes that are necessary to head in the right direction. Do not allow religion to dictate to you on what you have done. Let the word of God be your guide. It will be your light, your counselor, your mentor. It will provide you with answers to any dilemma you might face. Line yourself up with truth. Truth will set you free. And once there you will no longer have to walk looking back over your shoulder, you can move forward knowing that you are safe in the hands of God who is for you and will move heaven and earth to cause us to succeed. This is your day. This is your hour. Your sin will not find you out when it is under the blood of Jesus Christ. So, lift up your head, shout your praises to God. You have put on the new man. Walk in it today. And experience a joy that is unspeakable and full of absolute glory!!!!!!!!!!!
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