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   [20 Jul 2011 | Wednesday]

The Assignment



When I was in high school I had them. When I went to college they increased. And it did not matter if I liked what I was handed or not, in order to pass the class I had to do the assignments. Assignments can often be difficult. Taxing to the brain. Often stressful. I had professors who made sure that assignments were a major portion of the grade. There were those times when I waited until the last day to complete mine staying up half the night just to get my work completed. Amazingly assignments never end, especially for those who are believers.


Have you ever looked at the assignments Jesus gave to His disciples? On one occasion He told them to have the crowd set in groups of 50. And then to pass out portions of the 5 loaves and 2 fish that were handed him by a child. On another occasion he told His disciples to get into their ship and go to the other side of the Sea of Galilee. If you are familiar with the story you are aware that a storm arose that threatened to sink the boat. Yet, their assignment was complete. How about the time when Peter was commanded to go to Jesus walking on sea? Out of the boat he crawled and bravely walked until he lost sight of what he was focused on. Or the assignment given to Jarius and his wife after their daughter came back to life? Don’t tell anyone? You’ve got to be kidding. How could anyone keep an assignment like that? I can assure you that if the Master was grading on the curve I would have fallen below the mark because I simply would have to tell someone or explode from sheer enthusiasm.
Assignments come to us all in various shapes and sizes. Recently I made my way through various portions of the word of God and noticed several assignments you and I are under in the body of Christ. Our professor is the Holy Spirit. Through the syllabus which everyone of us have been given I noticed that this professor will guide us, correct us, prune us, discipline us and the only thing that will come out of His mouth is truth. So, in order to pass His class it is imperative I pay attention and do as best I can to pass any test or pop quizzes He might happen to through my way. In the syllabus I also caught a glimpse of some of the assignments He will be requiring of all His students. For example, we are called the salt of the earth and the light of the world. Pretty big assignments if you ask me. I noticed where we will be called upon to be kind one to another. Hope everybody is like me. In one particular assignment there is a session where we will called upon to get drunk, but not with wine. Another where we will learn submission. Still another assignment will be to sing and make melody in our hearts to the Lord. Hope everyone can sing. I think one of the biggest assignments in the class will be where we have to turn loose of some of our finances. This one will be quite hard some, others will have no problem. I honestly don’t have the space to give you all the assignments, but when you read the syllabus don’t let it stress you out. I understand the professor is patient with all His students as they are learning to pass His class with flying colors. I have talked to a few of the students and understand they have had to take some of the classes over. But, with private tutoring lessons we all should make it just fine.
Our assignments are huge aren’t they? They are not the kind which can be put off until the last minute or until the final exam. They have to be worked on daily. They require study, discipline, focus, determination, and most of all a bulldog tenacity that regardless of what it takes we will go through the assignments with grace.  Open book tests are on the agenda. Cleft notes are fine to carry around for a quick study. You can even lean on fellow students to help carry you through if necessary. The goal is to see every assignment fulfilled and completed on time.
How are your assignments coming along? Where does the professor have you at this moment in your life? Wherever that particular place might be His grace is sufficient, His love is amazing, His power to help us complete is upon us. He will move heaven and earth if necessary to provide us the aid we so desperately need to fulfill the assignments He has laid out of each one of us. Class is under way. The agenda has been set. Let’s go do the work which has been given and don’t cheat because this professor sees everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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