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   [18 Jul 2011 | Monday]

The Weapon To Combat Fear


Pastor Gary’s Blog
July 18, 2011
Fear is a horrible enemy. It has the power to paralyze. The feeling was never a concern until mankind fell in the Garden of Eden. The very first recorded incident of fear was when Adam confessed to hearing the sound of God’s voice in the cool of the day he stated, “…I heard thy voice in the garden and I was afraid…” (Genesis 3:10 KJV) Since that time like a giant spider’s web, down through generation after generation mankind has fought this enemy with seemingly no power to conquer. Even with Jesus on board their ship, His disciples fighting the storm of their life cried out that they were afraid.
There are a whole host of things that make us afraid. Job insecurity, financial stresses, health issues, marital difficulties, teenagers, and the list is unlimited. And because we live in this world believers are not exempt. The enemy points his arrows of fear our direction and fires away at random hoping that one of them will stick in us and paralyze our effectiveness against his kingdom. He knows that if we as the body of Christ ever learn to train our minds to combat this arrow of fear from hitting its mark in each one of us then he is a conqueror foe.  It is for this reason that the devil hates the word of God to find its way not only into the heart of a child of God, but into the mouth of a child of God. For once you and I begin to understand who we are in Christ Jesus and the power the word of God possesses from sanctified lips then hell trembles at such a thought.
For the past several weeks on Wednesday evening we have been conducting a study on the wonderful book of Ephesians. Having read and reread this epistle, it was not until I came to a statement in the third chapter that gave me a weapon of power to combat the devil with. I had read that chapter on numerous occasions, but in too fast a reading the statement did not stick. It was part of a prayer that the apostle was lifting up before God for those whom he was writing to. I wondered if they themselves understood the magnitude of the statement when they were first read. The apostle wrote, “…that ye might be filled with all the fullness of God”(Ephesians 3:19 KJV). Did you catch the key word? Not just part of God, not just a drop here and there in your walk, but the opportunity to be filled with ALL of God!! I challenge you to meditate just on that little word. It is mind blowing. To think that born again children of God could house within their earthly bodies ALL of God. Old Testament saints did not have that opportunity. Just us New Testament saints. No wonder the devil delights keeping in you and me in darkness to who we really are. If he can, he has the upper hand.
What does it mean to be filled with all the fullness of God? To me it simply means that within my earthly house is resident the same power which spoke the words into existence. Hard to imagine isn’t it? Yet, if I am to combat this enemy called fear this thought must take up resident within my heart. For once it does, I can speak to the arrow which the enemy flings my direction and it has to drop in mid-flight. You don’t have to pray against fear, all you need to do is speak to it. I am not against prayer at all. Prayer works. But, with ALL of God inside us, we possess a power that can stop fear dead in its tracks. Perhaps you face a huge mountain in your pathway today. It might be a negative doctor’s report, lay-offs at your place of employment, or financial debt that is threatening to sink you. There may be those moments you wake up with panic in your heart. Sleepless nights escape you. The pain you carry in your body screams that it will take you down and out. You have a powerful weapon inside my friend. The enemy knows it. He fears the light dawning in your heart. Hell trembles when the body of Christ begins to understand and comprehend that God is in you.
It is time to take charge now my friend. Negative reports have to die. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob fills your life. You are somebody. You are a champion. You are a winner. You are victorious. Why? Because of whose you are and you has taken up resident inside your life. Face whatever you have to face with confidence. For, greater is he who is in you, than he who is in the world!!!!!!!
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