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The Rewards of God

The Rewards of God
by Keith E Gardner
Always using the King James Bible


In the past I have written about the re-reward of God to His elect as I perceived it from verses like Isaiah 52:12.  I have even expounded upon the reward of the LORD to those who take His word to the world.  However, I was incorrect in my interpretation.  The reward of the LORD is the same to all of His elect.  Whether you are called and chosen for one hundred years or for one day.  Whether you are aggressively taking His word to the world or passively informing only family and friends is irrelevant.  The LORD knew all you would and wouldn’t do from before the foundation of the world.  Since I took such a strong stand on this issue I feel it is important that I present you with the facts that have led me to my change in position.

In Matthew 20:1-16 we see the LORD as He gives us the parable of the householder who hires laborers to work in His vineyard.   Those hired at the start of the day are analogous those our Lord GOD calls early in their lives.  Then the householder goes out three more times and hires more people to work in His vineyard or the world at the third, sixth and eleventh hours of the day.  Our Lord God goes out three more time, three representing the purpose of the LORD, as it is His purpose to gather all of His to Himself.  The day is to be equated to the lifetime of an individual as at the end of the day they are all paid.  Please notice that at the end of the day, their lifetimes, they are all paid the same without regard for when they began.  Realize also that this payment is given only to those who worked in the householder’s vineyard; the called and chosen of God who will do the will of God.  This is the will and the blessing of the LORD as those who are saved one minute before the end will not be penalized for something over which they had no control. 

In Revelation 5:8 we see the four and twenty elders fall down before the Lamb.  All of them with harps and golden vials full of odors which are the prayers of the saints or all the called and chosen of God.  These elders have vials of odors because they are the representation of everyone called and chosen who was not there physically because they, as of that time, did not exist.  However as our God knows the beginning form the end, each one of those called and chosen throughout all time is represented in those vials.  Remember these are the same four and twenty elders who wore the crowns in Revelation 4:4 who, as representatives of all the elect of God, are all equal. 

The four and twenty elders spoken of in Revelation 4:1-11 represent all of those elect of God as two times twelve is twenty four.   Two we know represent the elect of God while twelve we know represents fullness.  This then is saying that all the called and chosen of God will be given the same crown.  Whether we are called and chosen for one day or for one hundred years is irrelevant.  The re-reward spoken of in Isaiah 52:11-12 and 58:8, once we understand it, are in both instances saying one thing.  They are speaking of the elect person who from birth already has the salvation of God or the reward; they have only to reach that point in their lives when God will grant them the honor of learning His truth.  Once they reach that point in their lives the LORD will send one of His, who are already called and chosen, to bring them truth: Acts 8:26-35.   It is at this time our Lord GOD will bring the re-reward of wisdom, understanding and knowledge unto them and this process will repeat until the last of the elect have been called and chosen.  Once you understand this you will see our Lord GOD explaining it in many ways and in many places throughout the Bible.  In Isaiah 41:8-9 we see the reward of the LORD as He, in time, will call and choose all of His elect.  In Isaiah 41:10 we see the re-reward of the LORD as He says “I will strengthen thee”.  The LORD strengthens His through the blessings of wisdom, understanding and knowledge of Him and His way; this is the re-reward of the LORD, the wisdom of God. 

In Isaiah 42:1 we see the same circumstance spoken of in a little different way where the LORD puts His spirit upon His elect; thus the reward is given and they are now called and chosen.  In Isaiah 42:2-4 we see the re-reward of the wisdom to proceed as the LORD directs His.  Our Lord GOD continues with His truth throughout the Bible and it is only by His blessing that we will see and understand it: Mark 4:11-12.

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