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   [06 Jul 2011 | Wednesday]

Why Does God's Word Not Work For Some?




Ok, I promise to move on in tomorrow’s blog, but I need to share one more thing from the convention my wife and I just attended in Ft. Worth. The afternoon speaker on Tuesday was to be Gloria and Kenneth Copeland, but they both felt that Keith Moore should have their hour each. After receiving the offering, he got an hour and half and talked about the Parable of the Sower from both Matthew and Luke perspective in the New Testament. When he was finished, I told my wife, “that was absolutely the greatest message on why some people receive from God and some do not”.  I have preached from those same verses in time past. I have heard other’s do it as well. But, never anything quite like that preacher from Branson, Missouri did on Tuesday afternoon. My heart is still rejoicing. In fact, everyone who reads this blog ought to find a way to order just that sermon alone on CD and hear it over and over again. I am because it revolutionized something inside my heart.
I confess to you here and now that in my former life I was critical of “those people who confessed the word”. Just being honest. Because of my stupidity I never had anything either. I got exactly what I confessed. Nothing. I had that attitude that I was more enlightened than them. I talked in tongues. But, on Tuesday afternoon after walking out of a service where nothing but the word of God was taught under an anointing of the Holy Spirit, my heart was humbled by the power of God and revelation came to my spirit man on why me and hundreds just like me who were critical of “those word people” stayed just where we were dealing with the same junk we have always dealt with. Agree or disagree, but when you take a close look at the parable that Jesus taught it is so very plain and simple.
Be like the Bereans in the book of Acts. Examine the scripture for yourself. Three groups never had the word work in their lives according to Jesus. (1) Those by the way-side. Those who are bored with the word of God. Those who would much rather have their ears tickled than their heart pricked. (2) Those in stony places. People who did not try the word, but the word tried them and they fell apart and quit before the race was over. (3) Those among thorns. Individuals who have allowed distractions to come into their lives and cause the word to become chocked. Honestly, it is not that any of these can’t turn things around in their life if they simply have a desire to do so. The choice is left up to them.
It was that 4th group which Jesus taught received anything. Do you know why they received? Luke tells us. One, they had an honest and good heart. Amazing. Not just a good heart, but an honest one as well. Throughout scripture God talks a lot about the heart. It can be hardened, even evil. The prophet Jeremiah said that it was “desperately wicked”. God dealt with unbelief in the heart of His people Israel. The psalmist David asked God to search his heart. His son Solomon taught that you and I can think from our heart. But, Jesus said that those who are declared “good soil” are those with an honest heart. Oh my! Have we missed something as the people of God? Are we more willing to be fake than honest? To act as though we are “something” when in reality we are nothing without the help of God’s Spirit? Perhaps it is time for the body of Christ to get honest. Secondly, those on “good ground” received because they “endured. They never gave up. They worked the word. They constantly confessed from their lips having believed in their hearts what God’s word had to say. And because they did, they received.
Alright, I’ll leave it up to you to study those chapters on your own. As for me, I will stand faithfully on God’s word confessing faith not only from my lips, but believing in my heart. I declare that the word works if you and I will work it. The choice is ours. I want to be “good ground” whose roots go deep so fruit can go forth!!!!!!!!!!!
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