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   [05 Jul 2011 | Tuesday]

Faith That Pleases God


As I sat at my computer my spirit man is so alive within me. All day on Monday both my wife and I sat under some incredible teaching. We heard the word of God ministered under a powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit. And I must tell you I did not hear messages that told me if I gave to God He would make me wealthy. I heard God’s word. Simple, plain and powerful it was. I wondered, as I sat in the last meeting of the day on Monday, why has it taken me so long to attend one of these meetings? Was it because I did not want to be ridiculed by my fellow minister’s who believed like I believed? Was it pride?  Was it because I thought I knew the word of God? I hugged a couple of young people who I had met on one other occasion who were also at the meeting and thought to myself, “Oh how I wish I could go back in time and grasp the concepts I was hearing and be young and pliable like them”. Those young people will take this message and do something with it in their generation. Yet, in my spirit man I could hear the cry from within asking God to restore the years back to me that the cankerworm had eaten. He will, I know.


Faith is how you and I are to live. That is what the word of God says. Paul writing to the Galatians, quoting an Old testament prophet who had eyes to see into the future, declared, “…The just shall live by faith”.(Galatians 3:11 KJV)  The word “just’ in that verse means “righteous or those who have been approved of or accepted of God”.  Do you know what gets God’s attention? Do tears? No! Cry a bucket full and the heart of God won’t be moved. Believe me, I know. There was a time in my life when I did just that. I would feel so guilty over my actions that I would cry and beg God to forgive me. Does trying to fulfill a set of rules and regulations to the best of my ability get God’s attention? Again the word is, No! That only produces a frustration within. And the longer I stay frustrated the chances of people walking away are quite real. What is it that gets the attention of heaven? Only one thing I am aware of and that is faith.   Faith moves mountains. Faith conquerors an enemy. Faith moves the heart of the Father your and my direction to work on our behalf. Faith causes the devil to tremble.


One of the speakers on Monday told the crowd that they grew up in a denomination which did not believe in anything, and were faithful to that belief. We all laughed, yet how sad that so many are that way.  But, I believe that is all about to change. From watching and observing the crowd in attendance at the convention Holly and I are attending there is a hunger in the hearts of people that God is going to answer. I sat next to a young college student who attends Georgia Tech. I met a leader from the country of Nigeria, Africa. I met a couple from Chicago.  There were hundreds attending for the very first time. And here is what I know. God’s word will not return void.  Many in the section we sat in last evening are pastors of congregations from all around the world. In my heart I hear the prophetic word of the Lord which he gave to the weeping prophet Jeremiah and declared to him, “And I will set up shepherds over them which shall feed them: and they shall fear no more, nor be dismayed, neither shall they be lacking, saith the Lord”. (Jeremiah 23:4 KJV)  


Can you recall your days in school when the teacher would ask a question that you knew the answer to and hands of other students went up all crying out “pick me, pick me”. That is exactly how I feel as I reread the verse from Jeremiah and cry out for God to pick me among the shepherds He is picking in these last days to feed His people. Not feed them what we have always been taught. Not feed them leftovers. Not feed them what I think scripture says. Not feed them what a particular denomination might happen to believe. But, feed them faith. Because faith is the victory that shall overcome the world its system and without it we cannot please God!!!!!!!


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