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Woman to Woman...per ser!!..

Now this is a timely message because the gospel was made manifest to set men and women free from the tyranny of error, liars and sometimes each other. In the next in a series, Aidz our say correspondent from the Philippines, asks in short is woman an object? And how should a couple relate to each other in more intimate matters? What is truth about marriage? What can be done?

I asked her for an off-beat subject that would pertain to Phillipinos which I’m not, and a woman, obviously no check there, so we have an off-beat message. But how strong is the Word of God to deal with problems in relationships, in marriage and why is the woman the ‘bum dog’ sometimes perceived?

Some prayed in Judea, "God thanks I’m not a dog or a woman…" The problem is prevalent everywhere. Over here we have the "macho man" totally in control of himself except with his wife. Wife beater and abuser are prevalent everywhere…

Paul says that this soul conveniently "Did not like to retain God in their knowledge…" Why authority means control and I want to call the shots in my house. A man’s house is his castle goes the refrain. Convenient and thrifty…

When we have an object to abuse we certainly don’t want them to expedite control over what we have in the wallet. That’s for the self to indulge in. Object are economic prepositions, we don’t have to cater out the humane amenities a soul require, don’t kill but just keep them alive…

And the matter of intimacy, the hardest question is the easiest, those we love we want them to be happy. Objects are for satisfy us until we need them again. Those who love their wives have a situation where they will do everything in the world to keep that spouse interested in the relationship…

No problem with a couple who communicates. Can say yes or no without fear, with understanding. Peter says to dwell with your wives with understanding. Those who love their wives have no problem to prove anything to his wife. He does not feel tested like an athlete to check performance. This is the foundation of love-communion with a being created in my image and that of God…

(sent: 09/16/09 5:10:23)
tohimbeglory said:

Thank you for your this next off-beat message on the issue of women and what really are they people or objects. And if they see themselves as object they will cater to themselves those who treat them as such! Women are human and not object and how they see themselves has to change. Even in Christian circles the woman is to be submissive to her husband and that is

right, but we also have local authorities for husbands who later break their vow of respect they made when they agreed to be married to a woman. You, I can separate myself from the Word of God which regulates human interactions so the flesh is kept in control to a certain degree. You break, you pay and all humanity understands the concept of law. Authorities are

created not by men by established by God. The blissful union is magnified if the couple understand each other and treat each other in a way to satisfy the partner with care. Not an I'll get you now kind of thing. And when we understand that the desire we have is not sinful but God made it that way for other with what he has will do his best ingenuous effort to love.

Thanks. That was off-beat. That was my first take on the issue. It is not really hard at all when learn that others need love and attention as well as in a marriage or woman in society...

Keep in touch. You blog did very well. I'm proud and envious. Pray that this new entry benefits your people and those of the world. Please. Please...Pray! Amen...


A loving husband feels indebted to his bride for the honor to have her at his side. Like him who gave his life and blood, to pay the dowry of redemption, to remind him of the commitment to love his wife and bride…A debt to always love his wife, I will never leave you nor forsake you…

(sent: 09/14/09 4:10:31)
metamorphosis said:

I am debtor both to Greeks. and to Barbarians. (Romans 1:14)

Do I feel this sense of indebtedness to Christ that Paul felt with
regard to every unsaved soul I meet, every unsaved nation? Is
it a point of spiritual honor with me that I do not hoard blessings
for myself? The point of spiritual honor in my life as a
saint is the realization that I am a debtor to every man on the
face of the earth because of the Redemption of the Lord Jesus
An intercessory husband prays as high priest, intercedes and is there for his wife. The groom in heaven intercedes continually for us his bride on earth. And he does so whole-heartedly to help the distress and need of his beloved spouse…
["You cannot intercede if you do not believe
in the Reality of Redemption; you will turn intercession into
futile sympathy with human beings which only increases their
submissive content to being out of touch with God. Intercession
means getting the mind of Christ about the one for whom
we pray, that is what is meant by 'filling up that which is behind
of the afflictions of Christ'; and that is why there are so
few intercessors…]

Oswald Chambers



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