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four-Xeon CPU server acer travelmate 7720g battery

A useful recent online was surprised to see four-Xeon CPU server, too fake, and have to say
 recently said the Internet that have four Xeon CPU with space of the server to do, too fake, and please turn off immediately if you see 100% is a little personal do not understand technology website, can not say what time at running, do not just look at low prices. acer travelmate 7720g battery
 four Xeon server CPU requirements are generally very strict banking industry with professional servers, the price to more than ten million or more, only four Xeon CPU prices have now 8,000 yuan. The volume is great and the server, usually with four wheels following dignitaries push. I dare say that even the brother who never seen what this server.
 such high-end server space if used for only a few hundred dollars a virtual host, we calculate that possible? Unless he is a server put 1 million users, so you dare to use it? acer um08a31 battery
 a look at some personal space operators dual Xeon server with other people, school people what scribble, write, also, the first to find a sensible Yeah. I was surprised to see there are four write P4 Xeon CPU server. Hey, P4 four-Xeon CPU, the first time I heard, P4 is a P4, Xeon is a Xeon Yeah. Some people are ignorant to such a space, and really makes clothes to death. I think better written in eight Celeron P4 Xeon, which more vicious it!
 please see which hosting provider if so what to write four Xeon to spit a few off to somewhere else on the line! acer um08a41 battery
 fact can be easily exposed, Ah Jiang ASP upload a probe to easily see through: because the motherboard support Hyper-Threading Technology, a CPU can be virtual to two, that is, if it is like This is our server with dual Xeon CPU, ASP river in Afghanistan will appear in the probe 4 CPU, if that four-Xeon CPU, will show eight. I upload ASP A probe Jiang Xiongtai tried it the server, only shows a CPU, I had to give YOU, the original home is the huge bad machine!
 7. Where our servers are placed acer um08a51 battery
 we Netcom and Telecom have placed the server room. Because the Chinese do not currently interconnected. Generally reflected in your use of Telecom's broadband Internet access if the upload to our site on Netcom's server, the speed may be slower, but the access speeds are generally no problem. Because the South is the telecommunications world, north is dominated by China Netcom. Internet can be relatively developed south, over ninety percent rent our space in the South the user, so our server based on the telecommunications room, on the CNC machine room supplement. Asus A2L Battery
 B. Domain Name class
 1. To the space domain can be a directory you
 two ways of achieving the same result. First, turn to hide. The second is set on the server side. But the second we do not give do. The reason is this:
 If you want a directory of space, only to be a new site that corresponds to this directory. As a result, if each user has several such requests, we would have put the site's server 100, into a place hundreds of sites, and we received only 100 users money. Some people understand the point of using this, buy a space to sell a lot of people use. We are here to make money online to eat, not to do charity, at this point, I think we should be able to understand. Asus A2S Battery
 but you can hide to achieving by doing. Many users do not like this way, that unless you spend a money to buy space to achieve, we can not think of another solution.
 90% of users over to lower-level directory of several people want to share a few hundred dollars of space, so you do not know us no problem turning. Some users may also take the initiative to come to us, reveal the whereabouts of: network management, I would like friends and combined, on to the lower directory, and I think that turned unhappy, and on the server side I do it. Well, it is best to give a FTP, do a back to me, and I am something, first down! ! We can only smile, the combination also allows us to set, the reason does not make sense of it on too.
 hey, good day today, blue-ah! Asus A2T Battery
 2. Up to send 20 second level domain name and support behind the pan-resolution
 Many people ask this question, but read this, then do not ask any more questions after the later. Although the Chinese at all levels because many registrars, domain names can be registered through the last new network, Xinwanghulian, the Chinese channel, several top-level domain name registration business, you ask questions, do not ask all the functions you say.
 say the 20 sub-domain name space providers are generally tied only to a few second level domain name (such as only tied to and, even if you support the 200 sub-domain name what is the use ah. dota facebook
say pan-analysis, a server can have only one site technical support to the Pan-resolution, space business is not to the user, if you want to use only their own planes server. Rental space is impossible.
 finally want to tell you, the domain name is the support of 20 sub-domains and functional analysis, can not support space, the results do not support equal. If you just rent space or take a look at several sub-domain name space can be bound to it.

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