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   [28 Jun 2011 | Tuesday]

Same Sex Marriages


Last Friday New York State changed their laws whereby people of the same sex can now marry each other. There was celebration in the streets. From my understanding because of this state now buckling, 11% of our nation now believes that it is alright for people of the same sex to become married.  There is a great divide taking place in our country, and if you are one of those who still believe in the traditional marriage of a man and a woman, like I do, you are becoming one of the minority.  I am not a prophet, but this will be a very hot topic button in the next presidential race in our nation. The person who stands and states they unequivocally believe in traditional marriages will be sent packing their bags. Sad, but I am afraid it is true.

As a pastor and a minister of the Word of God, who believes in God’s word, and who also believes that God’s word is true, God has not changed His mind on marriage. To be PC now days you have to bend to the ways the wind is blowing. (I do not wet my finger and thrust it into the air to see which way the wind of change is blowing before deciding which way to believe.) At times you and I as believers have to swim upstream.   If we are going to be followers of Jesus Christ then we will have to march to the beat of a different drummer. Our citizenship is in heaven and our constitution is God’s word, and His word does not bend to the ways of the world’s system.

There is a group of people in Kansas that call themselves a church. Personally I think they are far from that. They march with signs stating that God hates homosexuals. That is not true. Their signs are wrong!! I’m not sure what Bible they read out of, but mine says that God loves sinners. He hates sin, but loves sinners. I see that group like the crowd that gathered around the woman caught in adultery who was brought to Jesus. That group had rocks in their hands. Those signs are no different. And Jesus scattered the crowd that day around that woman by pointing out that if any of those were without any sin in their own life that were ready to throw a stone, or for that matter, that particular sin whether by action or thought, they were free to throw the first rock. They scattered. I am certain that the group in Kansas would do the same.

The purpose of my blog today is simply to state that as a pastor I will not perform same-sex marriages. Do I think they are wrong? Yes. A line is being drawn in the sand. Pastor’s who make such a stand will be singled out for ridicule. They will be maligned and mocked. Their congregation’s targeted. I even see a day coming when in front of buildings where truth is being taught in love, you will find protests from those of the world who wish to silence the voice of those who make a stand for that which is right.

As a pastor I will preach grace. But, grace does not give a license to act any way we wish. As a congregation our arms will be open to sinners, all kinds and all races. Sin does not differentiate. As a defender of truth in our congregation we will uphold the word of God as the source of life from which we draw our strength and wisdom. We will not water down its message to please the crowd. Compromise is not an option. As a body our goal is to operate in love. Our world is full of hurting people. Sadly many a person has been hurt in and by the church world. Ours will not be some sloppy agape. If necessary we can give tough love, but hopefully and prayerfully it will be the love of the Father reaching out to the prodigal.

It is time for the church to return to what Jesus called us to be, “salt” and “light”. Salt makes people thirsty and light provides direction in the dark.  Our world has literally lost its compass. Spinning out of control I proclaim it is time for the true church to rise. If we have to swim upstream because of what we believe and stand for, so be it. But, we will do so with humility of heart knowing that there for the grace of God go you and me. Be bold. Be strong. Be daring. Be faithful. Be gracious. Be kind. Be truthful. But, “be” for the glory of God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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