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A believer who has never read the Bible.

 Jun 25, 2011 10:13 AM

I've never read The Bible.... and I'm afraid to read it.... I may be disappointed in the God I find there... I like what God means to me now, and I don't think is better to lower my ideal.
Are you saying that if one doesn't believe in His word and therefore doesn't respect it he doesn't believe in God and doesn't love Him?... Because I must disagree with you if so..... How can you be sure which is God's word and which is an invention of history or a manipulation of church using God?





Speaking to you regarding your belief along with your question is a happening that comes from God; and that is because of its perfect opportunity to show a world the difference between learning truth for the first time upon a clean slate rather that trying to place a fresh flow from God’s Spirit through old used plumbing with contamination, corrosion, leaks and blockages along with many twists and turns from the god of this world that completely destroys the flow and direction from where it began within God’s pure words of only truth that were written with no confusion---because with only one God, one Spirit and one truth, how can there not be confusion from this below?


When strangers come upon the subject of God, all that the conversation involves is what each side believes; and for one to explain to another who God is along with who the god of this world is as the father of lies who deceives this whole world is like coming against a wall of ice which is so thick it cannot be penetrated.


So what is one suppose to do? Just voice our own wisdom which goes against the wisdom on the other side who knows more according to what their own human wisdom from the spirit in man has told them or led them to believe? Or perhaps knows less, but just has no agreement whatsoever? The truth is that no matter what is said, the other side is the only right side with God as their lead---while the other side with God as their lead is right also---so it becomes a never ending battle with the god of this world as the overcomer.  


Because God is only love, truth and righteousness, to become involved in darkness makes absolutely no sense whatsoever because all that comes from it is a separation through discord, division, arguments, judgments, hate, persecution and everything that only pleases the god of this world via bringing only darkness against the only true God of love who has a plan for all of humanity with love for the entire human race of believers and non believers. However, there is but only way that God can show His love in ways for this whole human race to see, feel, experience and understand it; and that cannot happen until His kingdom has been put in place with only the government of God with all of His laws based on love being strictly enforced.  {Isaiah 9:6-7—Hebrews 8:10-12}


Therefore the god of this world has carried out his plan to deceive this whole world by allowing man to create his own uncountable religions worldwide with belief in God while never truly even knowing who God is through his spirit as the prince and power of the air which deceives this whole world while leading all believers as children of God in disobedience---so they are all still saved children of God---However--- “And being made perfect, He became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey Him.  {Hebrews 5:9}---which means that their salvation requires repentance through which ever way they choose whether it be the broad or narrow way in Matthew 7:13-14 which is the many or the few in Isaiah 26:20-21.


Just so we don’t lose track, remember in the third paragraph when I said “What is one to do? ---- Which meant coming against that thick wall of ice and avoiding all of the darkness written in the following paragraph above.


The answer is this; We simply do as God says to do while separating ourselves from this deceived world which puts us by ourselves with only God to lead us while speaking what He directs for whomever can see the coming world chaos with doubts in the religions of man that wants to hear more or something stable at this time; and that is because God Almighty is only searching for hearts at this current time which are those who have overcome the god of this world who is the father of lies full of everything evil in every thought, action and way of man on earth.


But those who look only to God through His every word in faith with obedience while walking in love with care for all in this world around them---and that means seeing all in who they could be if there was no god of this world to lead them all into the evils that this human race has always possessed.


For more understanding of why all things must be such as the evils in this world and the soon to arrive beginning of sorrows followed by great tribulation, please read . . .


Thank you for your words in faith because God has a purpose for all things regarding those who look to only Him with complete trust in directing them, forgiving their mistakes, correcting them and educating them always.


Moses made mistakes, Abraham made mistakes, David made mistakes, Solomon made mistakes, Peter made mistakes, Paul made mistakes and all human beings have always made mistakes, and even Jacob who God changed the name to Israel made mistakes, therefore I make mistakes while doing only the best as I can while always crying out to God nonstop only to be as perfect as Churinga who is one of the most hateful people that I have ever come into contact with along with all the preachers and teachers of darkness worldwide through the Internet.


In living for God all that I can do is as He leads with hopes in my heart for many to seek only God as He instructs in Proverbs 2:4 so they may gain the fear of the Lord which brings understanding of God. Proverbs 9:10


May God be with you.



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