I pray for the kingdom, itsí Royal Family, subjects, religious leaders , educators, Moulas, Mitawas, Ministers, Governors, Judges, Mayors , civil service workers, police , fireman, military, air force and airlines and oil executives, industry and business owners and leaders to soften their hearts , open their eyes and see Jesus. I pray that the Holy Spirit will quicken them at home, work, play and prayer times to receive Godís will into their lives and the lives of their family, employees, neighbors, clans and fellow tribesman. I pray for each of the Saudi families and their sheiks that they will have their burdens lifted and be blessed with the blessings that God gave to Abraham. I pray all the people choose the blessing of liberty and Sarah and reject the blessings of Hagar and bondage. I pray for the many foreign workers from all the nations to use this time to let Godís blessings change their lives and fill them with the peace that is beyond all understanding. I pray that God will keep them safe, give them wisdom, eyes and light to find one another and share Godís love. I pray that God will use the members of the Royal Family and foreign workers to be a good witness about the work of the Holy Spirit in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I am thankful for all God has already done and watch for what He is yet to do. I pray for the eyes and hearts of the religious police to read the word and have the scales of darkness lifted and like Saul become Paul. I ask that God bless this work, cover it with the blood of Jesus to open doors and bring light into the darkness. I pray that Saudi become a Christian Holy Land for the Arabian Gulf States and its people and they not only prosper financially but have eternal life and are kept from the lake of fire. I write all of these things in the name, that is above all names: Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.'>"> Please say Amen!
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   [10 Jun 2011 | Friday]

Holy Spirit and i; Fwd: Contact from website.


Christina Fez-Barringten:

Charismatic Speaker

Welcomes your invitation.


 “Holy Spirit and i”

Book’s title


Holy Spirit and i” will encourage and provide a roadmap to the skeptic and discouraged while providing a revealing and warm personal account of love and victory over adversity.

Christina accompanied the Holy Spirit through 23 years in Germany under the Weimar Republic, Hitler’s Nazi Germany, then the Communists behind the Iron curtain: and, then later spent 20 years in Saudi Arabia.  The fact is, only examples of real life experiences can make it clear to most readers how to recognize the touch of the Holy Spirit in their personal lives.  The Holy Spirit is the least understood person of the Trinity, therefore a book like “Holy Sprit and i” is greatly needed.

The book tells of the Holy Spirit saving her from the danger of war in Nazi-Germany; He protected her from the brutality of communism and later directed her to find freedom in America. Through the valley of deep sorrow when she had to leave her homeland with little hope to return, was confounded by the` unexpected news of her mother’s death that turned great joy into sadness, and later loosing her home again because of the tragic accident of her husband Paul.

Christina Fez-Barringten is an ordained minister with a bachelor of arts in Bible theology from Global University.  She and her husband founded the Saudi Arabia Division of the International Correspondence Institute and missioned in Saudi Arabia. Barie was contact pastor to the United States Air Force and is associate professor at Global University.


1011 La Paloma Blvd.

North Fort Myers, Florida 33903


ISBN-13 978-615-46609-5


239 217 0783


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