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   [09 Jun 2011 | Thursday]

Dirty Dozen

They were a sharp family that had moved to the area from out of New Mexico. The husband was employed with the State and was transferred due to his work. The mom had her hands full raising 3 boys. Behind their home in the Arizona desert was a dry river bed which the youngest of the three liked to play. One afternoon while playing a nest of baby rattlesnakes was found and he decided to proceed to catch them for fun. One of the baby rattlesnake’s fangs caught the lad in the thumb and immediately sent its poison into his system.  Rushed to the hospital the doctors saved the thumb and wrapped it up in the largest bandage I think I have ever seen. As they made their way into church on the Sunday following the incident I was curious over the way the young boy’s hand looked and was told the story I relay to you. He never thought that the baby rattlesnakes were poisonous. But soon found out they carry more poison than the adult. All he saw was their eggs had hatched and it seemed like fun to see if he could grab one or two. I am certain by now he has probably given up that sporting event in his life.  Or at least you would hope so.


Read this verse. Isaiah the prophet is writing under the Spirit’s leadership. God speaks through his servant and he pens, “They hatch deadly snakes and weave spiders’ webs. Whoever falls into their webs will die, and there’s danger even in getting near them”. (Isaiah 59: 5 New Living Translation) Or this, “They hatch snake eggs and weave spider webs.  Eat an egg and die; break an egg and get a snake! (The Message Bible) To be honest that verse makes my skin crawl. I am not a snake lover, yet often the serpent desires to lay his eggs around my life in hopes that one or more of them will bite in to me and leave their poison in my spirit man.


Follow my thought process if you would for a moment. The devil is like a snake. In the Garden of Eden a serpent appeared and talked with Eve. During their conversation the serpent laid his egg into the heart of Eve. It broke open and she was bitten with a poison that has affected the entire human race down through history. She got too close to the hatched snake egg.


I woke this morning and in my spirit I begin to think of the various snake eggs that the devil loves to lay. Snake eggs if you please, that if allowed to hatch will send a poison through our system that can do great damage to our inner being. Here are a dozen eggs that no doubt many of you reading this blog today either have had one of these eggs break open in the past or they have already cracked and crawled out. The deadly dozen: Guilt, condemnation, fear, lust, pride, anger, self-pity, low self-esteem, jealousy, bitterness, inferiority, and offense. Let me go one step further if I may. These are not only snake eggs, they are spirits. They cling to us. They want to take up space in our life. They look for a toe-hold, a crack in our armor. And if they find it will spill their venom into our inner man.  


I can only imagine that day in the Arizona desert the baby snake clinging to the thumb of the young Indian boy. No doubt he shook it off, but it had already done its damage. Rushed to the emergency room of the local hospital the medical staff administered a serum that would counteract the poison that had been released into the child’s body.


How about you and me? Have any of those dozen hatched? Are we playing with snakes? Has the poison entered into our system? If so, the serum of the power of the Holy Spirit can not only drive out the poison, but keep it out if we yield to His power. Honestly you and I do not have to put up with those snake eggs. The choice is ours. They will cling to us as long as we allow, or their power can be broken in Jesus Name and they can be crushed. You have the authority as a child of God. Take it. Use it. Do it today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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keepingitreal | Thu Jun 09, 2011, 10:06

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I like the way you tell your story about the boy and the snake, what I’m trying to understand is the massage. When you name the 12 spirits, are you saying that we can /stay/ free of these spirits though the holy spirit living in us? When you say; they look for a toe-hold, a /crack/ in our armor, and if they find it will spill their venom into our inner man. What is the crack, our unbelief?

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