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   [08 Jun 2011 | Wednesday]

One Word


Evan Barr is a pole valuter for a high school in Los Angeles, California. At a recent event, failing to clear his final height the young man was extremely disappointed in himself and let out a cuss word. One word was all he said. The judges hearing him express his frustration disqualified the young man from coming in third place in the event. But, not only did it cost Barr, the entire team lost the state championship because of one word. One word changed everything for everyone. I don’t know if Evan Barr will appeal or sue the judges, but nevertheless it may be quite a while before the young man wants to open his mouth again.


I honestly don’t care what the young man said, but it got me to thinking about the power of words. And I started to jot down one word phrases that have literally turned things around for people. Here is my list. Faith is one word, yet without it results will never transpire in your life or mine. Don’t tell me you don’t have faith because I know you do. The degree of faith each one of us has is dependent on how much of God’s word we have placed inside our lives. Without faith I can never please God. Without faith obstacles block my advancement. Without faith the enemy places his arrows of fear into my heart. Without faith my dreams never become a reality. Without faith my growth is stymied. You do know how to get faith do you not? The Bible states that faith comes by hearing. Not by fasting, not my praying, not by begging God, not by having hands laid on you, not by pacing the floor, it comes by hearing! And not just hearing anything, but hearing the word of God. 


I am a firm believer that it is vitally important who you and I sat under in ministry. Anointing never flows upward, anointing flows downward.  It comes from the head. Ask Aaron the brother of Moses. When the oil was poured over his head in order to fulfill his position as priest over God’s people, the oil flowed downward. It still does. Last evening I experienced that downward flow of the anointing. Standing in the foyer of our building, my wife listened as an anointed individual spoke into me. I could sense the Spirit of God. The word that I was given counseled me to stay focused. I was told that distractions will come. Well meaning people will try and get you off track. But, the command of heaven was to keep my focus on what I know in my spirit God wants to do in the city He sent us to. I trembled on the inside because of the heaviness of the word. It was sobering. Yet, faith was stirred within me. It was the word of God I was hearing. A “rhema” word, a fresh word,  a now word. Listen today for one word in your spirit as God desires to speak to you as well.


Forgiveness is one word, yet loaded with wonderful benefits. Ask the thief on the cross. It gave him an entrance into heaven. Ask the prodigal son. Because of its power his place as a son was restored. Ask Mary Magdalene. Seven devils she was possessed with. Yet because she was not only delivered, but forgiven she was the first one to whom Jesus appeared to following His resurrection. Ask Stephen the first martyr of the church in Jerusalem. As he was being stoned to death forgiveness flowed out of his heart which opened the way for the Spirit of God to reach Saul of Tarsus and radically transform a rebel into a revolutionary for the cause of Christ. Yet, this one word has changed millions upon millions since Calvary. It opened a flood gate into the Father’s presence for whosoever will.


Freedom is one word. I do not want to live without it, and neither do you. I am grateful for the freedom I experience as a citizen of the country which I am part of. But, more that simply that, I am grateful for the freedom I have as a citizen of a heavenly kingdom. I sense in my spirit that I write to some who have a hard time enjoying the freedom of the Spirit of God in your life. Perhaps your circumstances are not conducive to freedom. Maybe relationships block you from freedom. Even the devil himself may have said to you that you will never be free. I declare in Jesus Name the devil is a liar! You are free if you are a child of God. Act on that freedom today.


One word can change everything. Just ask Evan Barr. One word ruined him. One good word can change your and my life forever!!!!!!!!!!!


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