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   [06 Jun 2011 | Monday]

Holy Spirit Hunger

As I sat at my computer in the early hours of Monday morning, my spirit is still rejoicing over the great day at our “official” grand opening of Word Alive Church. It was an awesome start. The am service was alive with the presence of the Holy Spirit as God moved among His people. The Sunday evening service was charged as Pastor Ricky and some of the precious people from Lifeline congregation in Corsicana gathered with us for a wonderful time. The altar time was powerful. As ministry was taking place in the altar I could look upon faces as the Holy Spirit was flowing among us. Like the Endeavor or Discovery space ship are launched into outer space, we as a congregation have been launched as well. Now real ministry begins.


Next Sunday is Pentecost Sunday. Fifty days after Jesus left the earth following His resurrection and going back to His Father’s right hand, the Holy Spirit was poured out on 120 people in an Upper Room. They were powerfully filled with the Spirit of God that launched the beginning of this organism called the “church”. Radical they became. When the court system of their day told them they could not pray, (like the one in Texas which recently told a graduation class of high school seniors prayer was not allowed at their graduation) the early church prayed, and so did the high school seniors in Castroville, Texas. When they were shut up in prison, bars could not contain them. When sickness stood in their presence it fled. When devils mocked, they were cast out. When the dead lay before them, they rose. Like Denzel Washington in his recent movie about the runaway train, the early church sped down the tracks at a rapid pace so full and overflowing of the power of God that heaven shouted and hell shook. And the more the devil fought, the more the church grew.


I am convinced more than ever that the church of the 21st century as sophisticated, educated, polished, refined, and socially accepted as we are, unless we return to what the early church had we will never accomplished what they accomplished.  Do you recall in scripture where Jesus found a man living in the cemetery? When Jesus asked the devils to give an account inside the man they reported they were a legion. In a Roman army a legion was anywhere between 2000 to 6000 soldiers. Imagine that many devils in one person. Imagine the capacity within the human body to be able to contain that many devils. Yet, imagine if the human body has the capacity to be possessed by the devil to that degree, how much more is there the capacity within you and me to contain the Holy Spirit inside our body.


This is the hour of the visitation of the Holy Spirit upon the church not only here in America, but all around the world. Like the tsunami that recently hit Japan, I see in my spirit a wave coming to the body of Christ at this very moment. Many of you have seen the pictures of the tidal wave which swept over the island of Japan following the earthquake a few months back. Nothing could hold back the water. And I assure you nothing can hold back the Holy Spirit from sweeping into the hearts and lives of hungry people. Dead denominations can’t. Governments can’t. High court rulings can’t. Closed countries can’t. Religious systems can’t. Honestly, the only thing that can stop the Holy Spirit from moving upon the hearts and lives of people today is if doubt and unbelief are present.


I awoke early this morning with a hunger inside of my spirit man and a craving for more of the Spirit’s power inside my life.  The Holy Spirit will not force Himself on me. Recently in one of my blogs I wrote about our King Charles Caviler dog who drools every time I get ready to feed her. She sets with an anticipation that is hilarious to watch. You can see her eyes get large. Her breathing is more rapid. She can hardly stand the wait before she rushes to her bowl and literally devours her food before I can hardly turn around. Perhaps you and I are missing something when it comes to the Holy Spirit erupting in every one of our lives. Like our dog, perhaps we ought to come to heaven’s door today with that kind of anticipation. With an excitement that is out of this world. With a hunger that only the Holy Spirit can satisfy.


I ask you to join me today. I want more of the Holy Spirit in my life. I want my capacity to hold more to increase. I can’t build the church. But the Holy Spirit can. At Word Alive Church we will not contain the Holy Spirit. He won’t be confined to some backroom experience. We are not embarrassed by His presence. It’s time to break-out, break-loose, and break through to all that heaven has in store for you and me. If you don’t want your portion then pass the plate to me because I am hungry today!!!!!!!!





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