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   [04 Jun 2011 | Saturday]

"Judge Not That You Be Not Judged"


"Judge Not That You Be Not Judged" Do You Think That We Will Get There!!

The year 2007 is the year that I got a /clear/ understanding of who I am in this body. I knew from a religious stand point that I am spirit and soul, and that I am housed in a physical/fleshly body. Then the door opened for me to get a better understanding from many good teachers, one being Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, from many of his book's. The one that I would like to talk about is his book; Your Sacred Self, he says on pg 33, 34;

You have the power to make your inner world work for or against you. Use it to create the images of contentment that you want to occur in your material world, and eventually that inner contentment will be the blueprint that you consult as the architect of your everyday life. You can live peacefully and blissfully. The choice is /always yours/ to make, judge not, if you see someone who is very different from you in physical appearance or in age or in economic status, use your mind to send them love rather than a judgment thought. If you instantly, out of habit, have an inner judgment, recognize that you have just done that, and then send that person /unconditional love/ for a microsecond. This will get you out of judgmental habit and into the habit of using your mind to send out the kind of love that will reenergize your life with the elixir of heightened awareness...

To stay at a peaceful place is something that I thought I would never be able to achieve. My life being what it had been for so many years, I wondered if I would ever get there. The more I listened to the people that God put into my life, the more peace I was able to enjoy.

I remember as a child a game me and my cousins would play, we would make fun of people that we had /judged/ as different because of there physical appearance, there age, if they were old, we would make fun at how they did things. This was a door that was opened at a young age, it made me think that it was cool to talk/judge others. That door is taking me a long time to close, and I have got to work at it to keep it closed.

Dr. Dyer talks about "life gives exams," this is very true, when I fail a test, I have no peace, that was a big help in making me want to pass my exams in life. My big test came when I got married, I was 43, had been single for many years and living alone. I was living a life that I believed God wanted me to live. That life was as a Christian, doing all the things that my /religious beliefs/ said I am to do as a single person. What my beliefs did was make me think that I was better than the people that I had judged as unbelievers. My husband believed in God, but he wasn't were I thought I was, so after we got married it became my /duty, obligation/ to /help, make/ him become a good Christian, like I just knew I was.

I like what Mahatma Gandhi says; "God has NO religion," my beliefs did more in helping me believe that I was a better person than my husband. As Dr. Dyer says; you will begin seeing that judging others does not define them, it defines you. He goes on to say; everything that /irritates/ us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.

The more understanding that I am getting of who I really am, it's helping me to get free of a judgmental attitude. Now that I realize how important it is to not let my body/flesh have control over my action, my husband, whom I judged to not be were I was, has been one of my /best teachers/. That tells me that I was being foolish to think that God wouldn't use anyone that He wants to use to teach me.

Arrogance has been a very difficult thing to see in me, but now that I can see it for what it is, I realize that I have been under it's control. I also realize that when the ego is in control of you, you will think more highly of yourself. For me to get to a place of humbleness, I know that I have got to do everything God has put in place for me to do. I have learn to /never/ judge a book (person) by it's cover, God can and will use anyone to teach us what is needed on this journey called life. 

There have been times when I wanted to run when things got difficult, but I understand from past experiences, that running will not help you pass the exams of life.

I have come to realize that in everything we do we give out /energy/, when we walk in love we energize others to do the same. The same is true when we have hate, anger and judgment in our heart for others.

Dr. Dyer says; you will know that there is a spiritual solution to every problem. Every problem, be it with relationships, finances, health or self image, has a solutionin in the secred self. When you are peaceful, experience silence, meditate and listen, /really listen/ to God, you will be /directed/ away from the worldy and toward the divinity that is within 20

I thank God for putting people into my life that have been a big help in getting me to see all the things that can keep me from /submitting/ my will to the will of God...My husband has been a true blessing, God knows just who we need, let's keep our eyes on Him and not the /circumstances/...

By: Paula T.       


Mood: peaceful
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