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   [02 Jun 2011 | Thursday]

Dead Flies

Pastor Gary’s Blog

June 2, 2011


We seldom saw them in Colorado. I guess the weather was not conducive. Too cold I guess for them to survive. And when we did we joked that someone from outside the state brought one with them and it got loose. Needless to say, if it showed up around my house it never lasted long. I would grab my swatter, or whatever I could get my hands on quickly and discard of the nasty little creature. Yesterday I killed one and opened the door and let another escape. It will find its folly soon, I am certain. Years ago I stood in the village of the Masai in East Africa and watched as little kids were covered with them all around their faces. Some of the children never blinked as the small creature crawled around their eyes and on their faces. Somehow they had become use to them. They had learned how to survive in the midst of death and decay. By now you have guessed that I am referring to a fly. A creature of death and decay. This creature is a carrier of  typhoid, cholera, amoebic dysentery, T.B, anthrax, gangrene, bubonic plague, leprosy, scarlet fever and yellow fever.  I have yet to see anyone keep one as a pet. Most people like dogs, cats, hamsters or some other animal, but not flies. They are nasty. Scientists have concluded that flies can carry up to 2 million bacteria on their bodies. It is for this reason my fly-swatter is close by. I don’t want a garbage living creature landing anywhere near me if at all possible.


Solomon, with the wisdom of heaven in his heart wrote, DEAD FLIES cause the ointment of the perfumer to putrefy [and] send forth a vile odor;…” (Ecclesiastes 10:1(a) Amplified Version) The King James version uses the word “apothecary”. If you study your Bible you will find that the apothecary was the anointing oil poured over the priests in the ministry of the tabernacle. Imagine taking your turn in the order of offering worship to God and finding dead flies in the anointing oil that was to be poured over the head. Talk about nasty. Most likely you would have to pour the oil out and begin again. A creature of death and decay had caused the oil to stink.


I recently began to meditate on the verse out of Ecclesiastes and wondered about some of the dead flies in the anointing that flows in the body of Christ today, especially when I started to view some of the things that the church world is dealing with at this very moment. Things we should have a strong foundation on already, yet “dead flies” are beginning to sink up the place. For example, there is the “dead-fly” of competition among churches. I noticed that in a minister’s meeting I attended in the city I currently pastor in. Instead of a sense of unity there was a strange smell of deadness that the lack of anointing was producing. There is the “dead-fly” of religion. Religion is bondage. It is man-made, man-controlled, man-organized, man-orchestrated, and man-directed. Before long it begins to smell, yet I fear that far too many have become accustomed to the smell that they no longer are affected by it. There is the “dead-fly” of business as usual. Doing the same things we have always done, but just expecting different results.


I honestly am not trying to be critical whatsoever. It is just that the little creature I saw flying around the church door last evening started me to thinking.  Before long I sent it to its eternal reward, wherever that might happen to be. But, it caused me to self check myself to examine my life for any “dead-flies” that might be lurking nearby. I want to walk with a freshness of the Savior within my own heart and life. I want a new anointing to emanate from within me. I desire to be effective as a believer in the world I am called to serve in. Today’s generation demands that we cannot simply “do” church, but must “be” the church.

I challenge you today to look closely at your own vessel and do a self-examination. The Psalmist David cried out, “Search me [thoroughly], O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts! (Psalm 139:23 Amplified Version) Look for “dead-flies”. Allow the Holy Ghost to zap them. And may a fresh move of heaven flow through you and me to affect the world around us!!!!




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