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Was Jesus a Big Fat Liar?

Some people say that Jesus was a good man, but that He was not the son of God.

Some have even said that Jesus was a prophet, but that He was not the Son of God.

Either Jesus was and is exactly who and what He said He was and is, or Jesus is a big fat liar.

Jesus said He was the Son of God.

If Jesus is not the Son of God, then, He is a big fat liar.

If He is a big fat liar, then He is not and was not a good man. He would have been a liar. That is not a good man in any since of the word good.

If Jesus was a prophet and not the Son of God, then He would have had to have been a false prophet.
Because if a prophet proclaimed things which were not true, then that prophet has to be a false prophet. A true prophet only prophesies true things or he is not a true prophet.

If Jesus was not who He said He was, then everything He said and taught was foolishness and carries no weight in our lives here and now.

If Jesus was not who and what He said He was, then all of Christianity is just some man-made-up religion which has no meaning and no consequence in today’s world and society.

Why do people fear death? If death is just not being anymore?

If Jesus is not what He said He is, then there is probably no Heaven or Hell. These would just be made up words, used to scare people into joining man-made religion.

If Jesus is not what he said He is, then why are people offended by His words and His so-called religion?

 If a man came into town teaching Greek Mythology as the true way to receive eternal life, no one would be offended. People would laugh at him. They would not take him seriously. Would they?

If Jesus is not who He said He is, then why would His religion be any different than any other crazy religion that has come into the world over the centuries? Why try to stop something which has no substance?

If a thing is just pure foolishness, then just laugh, shake your head, and walk off from it. That would make the most sense, wouldn’t it?

Is Jesus a big fat liar?

If He is, then the passage in the Bible where Jesus mentioned being cast into Hell where the worm dieth not and the fire is never quenched, that would be just plain silliness, not a thing in the world to worry over.

If Jesus is a big fat liar, then all the things He said about there being a day of Judgment and being cast into outer darkness and wailing and gnashing of teeth and great torment in the after life for those who have rejected Him, that would all be foolishness, and childishness, and really just plain stupidity, wouldn’t it?

But, What If?

But What if Jesus truly is all He claimed to be?

What if when we die we’re not just dead?

What if we will, for a fact, stand before an Almighty God?

And, What if we learn that God’s only requirement for us to have received eternal life was that we had believed on His only begotten Son, who shed His holy and precious blood and suffered and died for us?

If Jesus is a big fat liar, then, there would seem to be nothing to fear at life’s end, for those who have not believe on Him.

And, nothing to gain for those who have believed.

But if Jesus is real, then there is hope for all.

For Jesus said that everyone who calls on Him, He would in no wise cast out.

Call on Jesus, and He will save you and give you eternal live.

For Jesus said that everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.


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