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   [01 Jun 2011 | Wednesday]

Oprah's Gospel


I never cared for her much to be honest. I thought she was way too liberal. My wife watched her more than I did, yet every once in a while she carried a program that peaked my interest. My wife taped her program on television so that while watching she could skip through the commercials and get back to what Oprah was dealing with on a particular program. As usual, the final program on the 25 year long Oprah showed was taped so I decided to sit down and watch it with my wife a few days back. I was shocked, to be honest when “O” stated that she believed in God and used several references to Jesus. I leaned over and told my wife, “she has nothing to lose now she is going off on that particular venue”. Yet, it did not matter. I though it pretty gutsy of her to reach out, not only to her audience, but to millions from around the world and use a name that causes people in all walks of life to cringe. The name “Jesus” was quite controversial for her.


While viewing the final Oprah television program, “O” said something that caught my attention. She had been asked, “What caused her, a black girl from Mississippi to become so successful in television?” Her statement was interesting. She said, “I validate people by giving them my undivided attention when they are with me on television and listen to what they are saying”.  She went on to say, “People simply want to know that they count”. Her words cut through me like a knife. The Spirit of God used a secular venue to speak a spiritual truth to my own heart.


Let me ask you a question if I may. How often do you go to God in prayer and find Him too preoccupied with things going on in the world that He does not have the time to fully listen to our petition? I believe Jesus, in His earthly ministry was very successful, not so much for the miracles that He preformed, but I

honestly believe that He treated everyone that came in contact with Him like they were the only person in the entire world. No matter who was before Him, He always had time for them. Hugh crowds surrounding Him, whoever stood before Him with their particular need had the undivided attention of the Master. He validated people. The day the leper stood before Him with that horrible disease ravaging his body, the thing that Jesus did that no priest would have done was touch the leper. You could have heard a gash echo throughout the crowd that day.  You see, when you and I touch a disease we become contaminated, when He touches a disease it becomes healed. And more than having the disease leave his body I think the leper simply needed to be touched more than anything else. It honestly made him feel human. Like he counted. That he simply was not “one of the crowd”.  Far too long he had been ostracized. On that day when Jesus touched him it made his heart leap within his chest. For the leper knew that Jesus actually listened to the cry of his heart.


Oh wow, how our world cries out for someone to validate them. To make them feel like they are important. That they count. How guilty I have been of trying to “win the world”, that I did not have time for people.  Laughable, yes. But how sad. Yet, within the body of Christ I am not the only one like that. Far too many of us are. Perhaps because I was in too big a hurry the cashier at Wal Mart could not be encouraged by me. Maybe because I needed to get back to “important” work the teenager sacking my groceries would not know that I cared deeply about the issues going on in his or her life. Or, it could be a whole host of people that we come in contact with on a daily basis.


I realize that all of us have deadlines to meet. Projects that are pressing. Emergencies that arise. We are all facing mountains of obstacles in our pathway. Yet, I believe the Spirit of God is urging us all to take a moment, look someone directly in the eye, and make them count today. If they don’t have a smile, share yours. If it seems they are carrying a heavy burden let them know you will pray for them. If they stop you and share with you their need, listen. Who knows, you may be the conduit for the power of God to flow through to someone’s life today. The vehicle that the Holy Spirit will use to set a captive free.  


Oprah because a huge success because she simply listened as people talked.  The poor girl from Mississippi became a household name all around the world. You and I may never become a television star, that’s fine with me, but I want to be a channel that the Holy Spirit might flow through to make another life feel like they are the only person on the planet. Heaven does that for us!!!!!!!






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