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  Religion & Philosophy

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1:31 AM   [25 May 2011 | Wednesday]


Many of us may not understand the significance of the number three in our lives. Whether it be in our civilian life or our religious life, the number three is an important symbol of much of our lives. The number represents completion; the beginning, the middle and the end. In the Bible, we have two numbers that represent completion and one is the number three and the other is the number seven. We are human and can only comprehend human activities and thoughts and so God in His wisdom uses the number three when He speaks to us of earthly things. When He speaks of supernatural activities, the number seven is used and in that way, our understanding becomes easier. There are other numbers, but none as significant and used as much as the numbers three and seven.

If we examine the physical part of our lives, we find that most everything has three aspects. We are born, we live and we die; anything that we do can get better, get worse or remain the same, and there are countless other examples of how three impacts our lives. As we read the Bible, we find that Jesus uses three many times when He offers us a lesson and this is so that we can understand what He is trying to get across to us. And in His own life, three is extremely significant. He was tempted three times by Satan; He rose from the dead after three days; He was denied by Peter three times and many other instances of the use of the number three. Knowing that the number tells us of human events allows us to grasp the understanding of the lesson much easier and gives further information to the reader.

However, there is one time in our lives that the number three becomes vital. All of us will be invited to become a member of the family of God at least once during our lives. It is possible that we may be fortunate to receive the offer more than once, but we will all be asked at least once. It is at that point when the number three and what it represents become the most important decision that we will ever make. We can either accept the offer, we can deny the offer or we can put our decision off. We only have those three choices. How we get that offer is sometimes difficult to understand it as an offer because we are not going to get a phone call from God asking for our answer. But, somehow we will know and there is only one answer. However, it is amazing how many people deny or put off the answer. Denying the offer is death. Putting it off is stupidity because we just do not know what the next instant in our life is going to bring.

As a Christian, we all should try to explain to our non believing friends the immense importance of this offer and their answer. If we truly love these people, it would be very pleasant to spend eternity with them.

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zg20123 | Wed May 25, 2011, 12:05


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